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Groups interested in hearing more about the registry should contact We are happy to speak with any group or send materials and information.

FIBROMYALGIA WORKSHOPS Fibromyalgia workshop dates and online registration.

Registry in the Media

Click here to listen to radio interviews with for Dr. Leslie Crofford and read published articles about the Registry and Center for the Advancement for Women's Health

Available now: Executive Summary This report provides data that describes the Kentucky Women's Health Registry (KWHR) cohort and shows there is a regional variability of chronic health problems across the Commonwealth as well as regional variation in the association of health indicators. We include data from the Centers for Disease Control and the United States Census for comparison. Because the KWHR survey follows participants over a longer time period, we can address the individual factors that influence change. → READ NOW


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Why do some diseases affect women more than men? Why do women respond to some drugs and treatment therapies differently than men? What environmental factors and behaviors most influence women's health? We don't know. But we want to find out.

And we need your help. Go to our secure site to take the survey now.

Health RecommendationsHealth Recommendations
Check our guidelines to find out about important screening tests and immunizations for women. Ask your doctor or nurse if you don't understand why a certain test is recommended for you. These recommendations are defined by age group. Find your health recommendations:
Age 18-39  (PDF file)
Age 40-49 (PDF file)
Age 50-64  (PDF file)
Age 65+  (PDF file)

registry mapMap updated through November 2, 2012
Jackson and Lawrence counties move up a level! Fulton and Livingston Counties, you are close - spread the word to your friends and sisters!
How many women in your Kentucky county have already registered?
Check out our interactive online map and encourage your friends, family and neighbors to participate in the Registry and increase the number of participants in your county! (This map is in Flash format)
Updated 11-2-2012

It is easy to help! Simply take an online survey. Click here to learn more about the Kentucky Women's Health Registry

If you ever have trouble accessing the survey PLEASE contact us by E-mail. We want to know!

What have we learned from the registry?

The association of smoking and chronic pain syndromes in Kentucky women is explained in a recent article in American Pain Society. Read the full article

Is there a link between adverse pregnancy events and cardiovasular disease in women 50 years and older? Read the report on PubMed.

What disease is the #1 killer of American women? Learn the answer to this question and find out what the survey has already taught us by clicking here.

Continue to learn more by reading our newsletter "Advancing Women's Health"  (pdf format)
Read reports from some studies that have been written using data from the Registry

Have a group that might be interested in hearing more about the Registry or participating? We would be happy to speak with a group or send materials and information. Please contact us at

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