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Personal Growth for Leadership Excellence: Becoming a Reflective Leader
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  • Teamwork
  • Individual Development Plan (pdf format)
Futures Thinking and Creating a Shared Vision
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  • 10 Essential Public Health Services
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  • Systems Thinking
  • Healthy People 2020
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Getting Results- Team Building and Collaboration
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  • National Performance Standards and the CDC National Goals
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Political, Communication and Advocacy Skills: Key to Influencing Others
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  • Change Strategies Within Bureaucratic Systems
  • Public Health Preparedness
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Developing Others
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Change Master Project
Applications for the 2012 - 2013 Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute scholar class will be accepted now through March 13, 2012.
To Apply
  • Complete the on-line application
  • Submit your resume by fax, e-mail or mail, and
  • Submit your letter of support from your management by:
    MAIL:111 Washington Avenue, Room 212, Lexington, KY 40536-0003,
    FAX: 859-257-3748 or
    EMAIL: Erin Louis
Selection Criteria

The selection committee will be looking for individuals with experience and educational backgrounds in Public Health. The desire to facilitate change and demonstrated ability to get things done will be weighed heavily. Application requires the support and recommendation of your management. Those selected to be scholars for the year must be able to devote 2 to 3 hours weekly to the Institute and have accessibility to a computer and the internet. The selection committee will attempt to achieve a heterogeneous mix of participants from all areas of the state and various public health settings.

Certificate Program

Participants who complete the year-long KPHLI experience will be awarded a Certificate in Public Health Leadership from the Kentucky College of Public Health.

3 - 6 hours of course credit will be available for scholars. Application of these hours to degree programs will be at the discretion of the learning institution/university and the individual program. Individuals wishing to receive college credit for KPHLI efforts need to make application to the undergraduate or graduate program separately and pay tuition for those credit hours.

CEU's will also be awarded for courses and seminars completed through KPHLI. It is estimated that 30-60 CEU's will be available through the program.

KPHLI will begin accepting applications January 1, 2012 The application deadline is March 13, 2012.

Thanks for taking the time to apply! Contact Erin Louis if you have any questions, phone: 859-218-2061, fax: 859-257-3748.

Use this form to apply for the Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute. Complete all items on the form and submit electronically by clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. Please answer each question completely. Incomplete applications will disqualify the applicant.

Please click submit only once. You should receive a confirmation that the application was successfully submitted. Occasionally the application may time-out and erase the fields upon submission. If this occurs, the completed application will be sent to Erin Louis. You will not have to fill it out again.

NOTE: If you are accessing the site using your bookmark, please refresh your browser before filling in the application. Thank you.

I am Applying as a



Section II

A. Resume/ Curriculum Vitae

Instruction: Please fax or mail or e-mail your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) to

Erin Louis
Assistant Director, Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute Fax: 859-257-3748

  • Academic Degrees (Certificates/Licenses)
  • Job Position titles, supervisor, dates of position, organization, responsibilities, and achievements
  • Leadership in Professional Organizations
  • Special Honors, Awards, Fellowships, or Scholarship Award
  • Personal Interests (optional)

B. Applicant Organization/Employer Background Information

2. Type of Organization:

3. Size of Population served by the organization/department:

4. Type of area served by the organization/department:
(Check all that apply)
5. Description of your position responsibilities and activities: (Check all that apply)

Is your position:

Section III - Essay Question

A. Personal Statement

Section IV: Scholar Rsponsibilitits and Commitments

A. As an applicant for the Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute program, I understand this involves a year-long commitment. I am willing and able to make the following commitments if invited to be a scholar in the Institute:

  1. To devote the time necessary to fully participate in the Insitute's activities. (approx. 3 hres/week)
  2. To attend and be an active contributor during the Institutes's leadership summits.
  3. To prepare for the Institute's programs by reading materials sent in advance.
  4. To participate actively in schedules programs or sessions conducted using the following technolgies:
  5. To plan and implement a Change Master Project during the program year. If you currently have an idea for a Change Master Project, please include your idea in the space below, and if you are applying as a team please indicate team members names here as well.
  6. If requested, to participate in the future as a mentor or coach for scholars in subsequent Institutes.
  7. To have regular access to a computer and Internet access, and utilize these to complete the scholar requirements, which include computer conferencing and internet use.
B. Management Support: In the space below, please provide the name, address, phone number, and fax for your immediate supervisor.

C. Letter of Support/Recommendation

Please fax or email a letter of support and recommendationf rom the Public Health Department Director indicating financial and managerial support of your participation in the KPHLI. If you are a Public Health Department Director, a latter from your Board Chair is required. State Health Employees should request a letter from the Commissioner of Chief. Community Partners need a letter from their manager or board chair. Ask your supporter to fax, mail or email a letter to the KPHLI office. Checklist:

  • Completed all questions (including the essay question( in the application?
  • Faxed or mailed your current resume or curriculum vitae (CV)?
  • Obtained your management support and faxed letter?
  • Completed the commitment agreement box?

Cynthia Lamberth
Director, Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute
College of Public Health
111 Washington Avenue, Rm 212
Lexington, Ky 40536-0003

Erin Louis
Assistant Director, Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute
College of Public Health
111 Washington Avenue, Rm 212
Lexington, Ky 40536-0003

Remember! The deadline for application submission is March 13, 2012 at 5pm.

For more information, email Erin Louis.

This project is funded by the Kentucky State Department for Public Health.