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Who We Are

The Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute (KPHLI) is a year-long development program for practitioners in the field of Public Health. Scholars who complete KPHLI are awarded a Certificate in Public Health Leadership from the Kentucky College of Public Health. KPHLI is one of 35 leadership institutes located throughout the United States. Funding is from the Kentucky Department for Public Health. Graduation from the institute requires completion of a Change Master Team Project that addresses a public health issue or problem, a comprehensive Individual Development Plan, and book reviews on two outside leadership books in addition to the reading required during the year. Scholars are given the following texts which are used in the program:

  • Fifth Discipline Fieldbook (P. Senge)
  • The Tipping Point (M. Gladwell)

Since the 2000 founding of the Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute, over 450 Scholars have developed their public health leadership skills through completion of the year-long curriculum.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute (KPHLI) is to strengthen the public health system in the commonwealth of Kentucky by improving the skills of the professionals who administer state, regional, and local public health systems. The Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute serves as a catalyst for both leaders and public health entities within the state.

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