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Michael Singleton

Michael Singleton has a M.S. in Mathematical Sciences from Eastern Kentucky University. Michael is the Injury Surveillance Coordinator for KIPRC. His primary responsiblities are to obtain, organize, analyze, and report on several large public health-related data sets collected by various agencies in Kentucky. Data sets currently maintained by KIPRC include motor vehicle crash (MVC) reports, emergency medical services run sheets, hospital discharge billing reports, and death certificates.

Michael is also currently the primary resource for two grant-funded projects. The "Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System" (CODES) is a project funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTHSA). Its purpose is to link MVC data with various related data sets in order to provide more complete information on the contributing factors and outcomes of MVC's. "Injury Profiles for Safe Communities" is a project aimed at providing comprehensive injury data, from the prviously mentioned data sets, to local communities to support their injury prevention initiatives.

Michael has been with KIPRC since June, 1997. His prior work experiences include five years as a computer programmer with companies in the manufacturing and insurance industries.

Phone: 859-257-5809

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