Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Surveillance Programs



New14KY001 Auto Technician Mistakes Handicapped-Accessible Accelerator Pedal for Brake Pedal and Fatally Pins Co-Worker

NewKentucky FACE Program – 2013 Annual Report

NewRoofing and Construction Workers Killed Due to High Winds

New14KY002 Construction Flagger Struck and Killed in Two-Lane Highway Work Zone

New14KY007 Tanker Truck Involved in Deadly Crash on Interstate

New14KY008 Hispanic Laborer Killed when Struck by Falling Plywood on a Commercial Construction Site

The Kentucky Occupational Injury and Illness Surveillance (KOSHS) programs are located in the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center, a unique partnership between the University of Kentucky and the Kentucky Department for Public Health. Since 1994, KOISS programs have combined research, service, and practice to address occupational injuries and illnesses in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Partners and stakeholders at the local, state, and national levels are integral to our programs so that the safety and health concerns of Kentucky workers are identified, and targeted research is initiated.