Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Surveillance Programs


Kentucky Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program

The Kentucky FACE Program is funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to conduct surveillance of all work-related deaths occurring in Kentucky. Data is collected from a variety of sources for surveillance, and on-site evaluation of occupational fatalities. With this information, prevention materials are developed and disseminated to workers in similar industries and occupations.


Information about fatalities is collected from newspapers, coroner reports, vital statistics, Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), other media, and people. Data has been collected since 1994 and includes demographics, occupation, industry, cause of death, date, time, location and an incident narrative. No personal identifiers are included.

On-site Evaluation

On-site evaluations are conducted of those incidents involving machinery, highway work zone, youths, and immigrant workers. People interviewed are coroners, employers, witnesses, and others with knowledge of the fatal work incident. Case reports are then written and include prevention recommendations. Evaluations are not compliance or regulation oriented.

Prevention Materials

Evaluation reports, hazard alerts, newsletters, publications and presentations are produced and disseminated based on the fatal occupational incidents. These materials reach employers and employees in similar occupations and industries to raise awareness so that future workplace fatalities are prevented.