KY Agricultural Fatalities, 1994 through 1997


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KY Agricultural Fatalities, 1994 through 1997

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KY Farm Tractor Deaths, 1994-1997

KY Ag Fatalities by Cause, 1994-1997

KY Ag Fatalities by Month, 1994-1997

KY Ag Fatalities by Age Group, 1994-1997

KY Ag Fatalities by Sex, 1994-1997

A 47-year-old farmer came home from his factory job one spring afternoon and began his farm work, going out to check fence lines. It had rained the night before, and the ground was still muddy. When his tractor began to slide down the hill from the fence line, he was unable to stop it. It continued to slide until it reached a drop-off above a creek bed, where it overturned, landing on the farmer. Had his tractor been retrofitted with a rollover protective structure (ROPS) and a seatbelt, this farmer would probably be alive today. For this particular tractor, the cost would have been less than $400.

A 48-year-old farmer was using a roll baler to bale hay around noon on a Saturday. Although no one was around to see what happened, it is thought that hay got clogged in the tines of the baler, and the farmer tried to force the hay in with his foot. His shoe or his pant leg became entangled in the tines of the baler and he was pulled into the machine. Machinery should always be turned off before the operator dismounts or attempts to work on it.

A 32-year-old farm worker was helping a farmer to load corn from a silage wagon into a feeding trough. Recent rain had made the area muddy and slick. The farmer was a short distance away when he heard his helper yell, and found him wrapped around the rotating PTO shaft, having been killed instantly. PTO shafts should always be covered by a protective guard.

A 62-year-old farmer wanted to demonstrate recent tractor repairs to a relative. While standing beside the tractor in the barn, he reached for the ignition switch to turn the tractor on. It was in gear; when he turned the key the tractor lurched forward, running over him. He died within minutes. Never attempt to start a tractor unless you are seated in the driverís seat.

Author: Ellyn Moon