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Kentucky Violence and Injury Prevention Program (KVIPP)

The overall purpose of the Kentucky Violence and Injury Prevention Program (KVIPP) is to utilize effective delivery systems for the dissemination, implementation, and evaluation of best practice programs and policies in our four priority focus areas of older adult fall, child passenger and teen driver, child maltreatment, and drug overdose prevention.  KVIPP integrates violence and injury prevention programs and activities to tackle our worst violence and injury problems through enhanced agency and organization partnerships and collaborations, evidence-based interventions, and policy strategies. Through the integration of activities, interventions, and strategies among stakeholders, costs will be reduced. 

The goals of the Kentucky Violence and Injury Prevention Program are to:

  1. Implement KY state injury and violence prevention and control (IVPC) plan goals, objectives and activities
  2. Enhance IVPC infrastructure (e.g. KIPRC is a support center for Safe Communities America);
  3. Collect and analyze inpatient hospitalization, ED, and mortality, data to support statewide violence and, injury prevention activities in the four priority focus areas;
  4. Identify, support, and evaluate program and policy interventions in the four priority, focus areas in collaboration with partners;
  5. Affect policy in the four priority focus areas in collaboration with Kentucky Safety and Prevention Alignment Network (KSPAN) partners;
  6. Evaluate the KVIPP program and participate in annual meetings.


KVIPP supports state and local capacity for violence and injury prevention through expansion of KSPAN] and promotion and support of local communities for the development and building of violence and injury prevention safety coalitions (e.g., Safe Communities).

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Program Contact: Steve Sparrow

Program Contact: Ashley Bush