Indicator Count for current quarter Four-year trend* Detail
Acute drug poisonings
Individual drugs
-- Any drug 4,106   View
-- Opioids excluding heroin 504   View
-- Methadone 21   View
-- Antidepressants 174   View
-- Benzodiazepines 226   View
-- Heroin 1,794   View
-- Cocaine 33   View
-- Other and unspecified drugs 1,472   View
Drug combinations
-- Pharmaceutical opioids and benzodiazepines 43   View
-- Pharmaceutical opioids and heroin 13 Insufficient data View
Drug dependence (excluding overdoses)
-- Any substance 1,844   View
-- Opioid-type dependence 1,168   View
Nondependent abuse of drugs (excluding overdoses)
-- Any substance 8,087   View
-- Cannibis dependence 18   View
-- Opioid abuse 1,262   View
Infectious disease (with or without comorbid drug overdose, abuse or dependence)
-- Hepatitis C 2,481   View
-- HIV 787   View
-- Endocarditis 16 Insufficient data View
Infectious disease with comorbid drug overdose, abuse or dependence
-- Drug overdose, abuse, or dependence with Hepatitis C 593   View
-- Drug overdose, abuse, or dependence with HIV 65   View
-- Drug overdose, abuse, or dependence with Endocarditis 5 Insufficient data View
* Dashed lines on trend plots indicate the last quarter for which patient records were coded to ICD-9-CM. The United States transitioned to ICD-10-CM on October 1, 2015. This should be considered as a possible contributor to any trend changes observed immediately following the transition to ICD-10-CM. Note: ICD-10-CM indicator definitions are preliminary and subject to change.
Produced by the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center,a bona fide agent of the Kentucky Department for Public Health, August 2017. Data Source: Kentucky Inpatient Hospitalization Files, Frankfort, KY [2013-2017], Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Office of Health Policy. Data are provisional and are subject to change.