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Richard Kryscio, PhD

Professor & Chair, Biostatistics


Dr. Richard J. Kryscio is professor, Department of Statistics, College of Arts and Sciences and Chair, Biostatistics, College of Public Health. He received his PhD and Masters in Statistics from SUNY. His research concerns many issues in Public Health including the clustering of disease in space and time, the spatial distribution of stroke and identification of risk factors for stroke, use of transvaginal sonography for the early detection of ovarian cancer, the mathematical theory of the spread of diseases, and statistical methodology used in Alzheimer's Disease (AD) research including clinical trials for preventing AD and Markov chains for modeling the flow of subjects through various cognitive health states with AD and death as a competing events.






Email: kryscio@email.uky.edu

Phone: (859) 257-4064

Location: MDS 201

CV: Kryscio CV.pdf