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Mark Chandler, MPH

Project Manager, KOSHS, FACE, KEBLL Programs

Mark Chandler is the project manager for the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Surveillance (KOSHS) Programs in KIPRC. Mark is a recent Master of Public Health graduate from the University of Kentucky, with a concentration in Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health. He also holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Kentucky, with a concentration in learning and cognition. Mark oversees the Kentucky Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Program, a NIOSH grant-funded program which performs surveillance and investigation of occupational-related fatalities in the state. The information gathered from this program is used to develop educational intervention materials which are disseminated to employers and employees statewide for safety training and awareness purposes. Additionally, Mark conducts elevated blood lead level surveillance and outreach through the Kentucky Elevated Blood Lead Level (KEBLL) Program in partnership with the Kentucky Department for Public Health.


Research Interests

Mark Chandler is specifically interested in behavioral risk factors contributing to occupationally-related injuries and fatalities, as well as safety protocols and controls which can be implemented to lower the burden of occupational injury and fatality.





Email: mark.chandler@uky.edu

Phone: (859) 257-5839

Location: KIP 210A