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Genia McKee, BA

Coordinator, Kentucky Safe Communities

Genia McKee is the Coordinator of Kentucky Safe Communities.  She has worked at KIPRC for fifteen years in various capacities including outreach, data base, and program coordination.  Prior to her work at the Injury Center, she was a community organizer for regional and state-wide non-profits and cooperatives in Kentucky in the fields of agriculture and community-based finance.  She and her husband raise cattle, sheep, and goats on a small farm near Lexington.


“I love being around so many creative people who are passionate about making their communities better and stronger. I feel beyond lucky that I’m able to work with so many incredible people and counties. Right now Kentucky is a tremendously exciting place to live. The definition of what it means for communities and counties to be safe and healthy is being redefined by folks blending together physical, mental, and spiritual health, social and work health, public and private health, financial and agricultural health, economic and community health. Being around such dedicated people who are making such good and necessary things happen is awe-inspiring.”





Email: genia.mckee@uky.edu

Phone: (859) 323-0298

Location: KIP 209E