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Please consider using the below resources for safety training purposes in your workplace:

Fatality Investigation Reports

Kentucky FACE performs on-site investigations of select fatalities occuring in the transportation industry. These investigations study the pre-event, event, and post-event to identify contributing factors and ways in which the fatality may have been prevented. Fatality Investigation Reports are produced to summarize these findings and recommend safety strategies for prevention of future similar incidents.


Trucking Fatality Investigation Reports

Hazard Alerts

Hazard Alerts are 1-2 sided documents that highlight fatalities sharing a common hazard. A brief description of each fatality is provided along with recommended prevention strategies. Please consider hanging these documents in common areas and providing copies to your workers for future reference.

Workers Killed While Unloading Cargo from Flatbed Trailers (2016)

Trucking Rear-End Fatalities (2014)

Workers Killed due to Driver Distraction (2013)

Drivers Killed due to Tire Failures (2013)

Truck Drivers Killed after Rollovers (2011)

Truck Drivers Killed After Exiting Semi Tractors and Being Struck by Other Semi Tractors In Distribution Centers (2009)

Truck Drivers in Fatal Crashes after Substance Use (2008)

Workers Struck by Trains While Driving (2007)

Working Drivers Killed in Motor Vehicle Collisions Were Not Wearing Safety Belts (2006)

Dying to Drive - Occupational Motor Vehicle Collisions in Kentucky (2003)



Toolkits are an assortment of various resources designed to address a single workplace hazard.

Trucking Crash Prevention Toolkit

Driver Fatigue Toolkit

Safety Flyers and Posters