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Investigation Reports - Manufacturing

Report No.
Industry Occupation Cause Incident Year Released
15KY011 Maintenance Technician is Struck by Crane, Falls 10 feet to Conveyor and Dies Manufacturing Maintenance technician Fall 2015 2/15/2016
15KY020 Granite Installation Company Owner Struck by Falling Granite Slab Manufacturing Company owner Crushed by 2015 10/6/2015
14KY048 Production Supervisor Falls 19.5 feet through a Metal Roof and Dies Manufacturing Supervisor Fall 2014 8/24/2015
13KY041 Heavy Equipment Mechanic Dies when an Elevated Dump Truck Tag Axle Pins Him to the Concrete Floor Manufacturing Heavy equipment mechanic Machine 2013 4/7/2015
13KY066 Flagger Struck by Motorist and Killed Manufacturing Derrick operator MVC 2013 12/8/2014
14KY031 Factory Manager Bypasses Lockout/Tag-out and is Electrocuted Manufacturing Foreman Electrocution 2014 10/17/2014
14KY012 Hispanic Laborer is crushed by Gantry Roller Press Retrieving a Dropped Hammer Manufacturing Laborer Machine 2014 8/6/2014
12KY037 Factory Laborer Dies When a Car Driven by Coworker Crashes into Him in Parking Lot Manufacturing Laborer MVC 2012 6/30/2013
05KY015 Worker Crushed to Death by Falling Steel Coil Manufacturing Laborer Crushed by 2005 2/21/2006
03KY124 Metal Fabrication Shop Owner Dies When Crushed by Falling Steel Plate Manufacturing Company owner Crushed by 2003 12/1/2004
98KY031 Factory Worker Caught in Overhead Conveyor Manufacturing Laborer Caught in/between 1998 12/4/1998
98KY044 Factory Worker Entangled in Conveyor Belt Rollers Manufacturing Laborer Caught in/between 1998 12/4/1998
96KY125 Pug Mill Operator Killed After Entanglement Manufacturing Pug mill operator Machine 1996 6/1/1997
96KY122 Sawmill Worker Killed by Circular Saw Manufacturing Sawmill worker Machine 1997 5/1/1997
96KY077 Mill Owner Dies in Tractor Rollover Manufacturing Mill owner Agricultural machine 1996 12/13/1996
96KY049 Maintenance Worker Killed in 25-foot Fall from I-Beam Manufacturing Maintenance worker Fall 1996 8/8/1996