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Investigation Reports - Highway Incident Management

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Report No.
Industry Occupation Cause Incident Year Released
17KY057 Traffic Control Worker Struck and Killed by Vehicle While Setting up Cones on Interstate Highway Incident Management Traffic Control MVC 2017 07/29/2019
16KY055 Tow Truck Driver Struck and Killed by Van While Entering His Tow Truck Towing Tow truck driver MVC 2016 05/17/2017
16KY052 Tow Truck Driver Struck and Killed by Passenger Vehicle While Securing Disabled Vehicle onto Flatbed Tow Truck Towing Tow truck driver MVC 2016 05/17/2017
15KY009 City Police Officer Dies After His Vehicle is Struck by a Civilian Motorist in a Federal Highway Intersection Public administration Police Officer MVC 2015 2/29/2016
14KY033 Pedestrian Tow Truck Operator Struck and Killed by Drunk Driver While Rendering Assistance on Highway Roadside Towing Tow truck driver MVC 2014 1/27/2016
14KY049 Firefighter is Electrocuted After Contacting Overhead Power Line Public administration Firefighter Electrocution 2014 8/12/2015
13KY066 Flagger Struck by Motorist and Killed Manufacturing Derrick operator MVC 2013 12/8/2014
14KY002 Construction Flagger Struck and Killed in Two-Lane Highway Work Zone Construction Flagger MVC 2014 5/23/2014
12KY035 Owner of Towing Company Dies When Struck by Box Truck Towing Tow truck driver MVC 2012 2/22/2014
11KY006 Roadside Responder is Struck by a Box Truck and Dies Waste Management & Remediation Environmental cleanup worker MVC 2011 6/27/2012
05KY001 Emergency Roadside Technician Dies When Struct by Single-Unit Truck on Interstate Shoulder Other Emergency roadside technician MVC 2005 8/3/2007
03KY028 Traffic Technician Dies From Fall While Changing Traffic Signal Bulb Other Traffic technician Fall 2003 5/10/2005