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Investigation Reports - Construction

Report No.
Industry Occupation Cause Incident Year Released
19KY050 Construction Worker Dies on Kentucky Interstate in Single Vehicle Collision Construction Laborer MVC 2019 03-23-2020
19KY034 Gutter Installer Dies after Falling from Roof Construction Gutter Installer Fall 2019 11-13-2019
17KY037 Gutter Installer Dies after Falling from Ladder Placed on Roof While Taking Measurements
Gutter Installer
18KY054 Teen Roofer Electrocuted When Ladder Contacts High Voltage Power Line Construction Roofer Electrocution 2018 01-16-2019
18KY024 Dump Truck Operator Electrocuted After Truck Bed Contacts High Voltage Line Construction Dump Truck Driver Electrocution 2018 11-12-2018
17KY007 Dry Wall Supervisor Falls from Unsecured Plank Construction Drywaller Fall 2017 05/21/2018
15KY078 Commercial Roofer Falls 30 Feet Through a Skylight While Installing Roof Insulation Construction Roofer Fall 2015 06/19/2017
16KY017 Construction Laborer Killed in Trench Collapse While Taking Grade Measurements Construction Laborer Suffocation 2016 1/11/2016
15KY031 19-Year-Old Construction Laborer Crushed in Trench Collapse While Laying Sewage Pipe Construction Laborer Suffocation 2015 5/31/2016
15KY032 Construction Siding Subcontract Installer Killed when Oversized Scaffolding Platform Destabilized and Telescopic Forklift Overturned Construction Siding subcontractor Machine 2015 4/25/2016
14KY039 Electrician Helper Steps into Unguarded Elevator Shaft and Dies Construction Electrician Fall 2014 11/28/2015
14KY030 Hispanic Roofer’s Fall Protection Failed Causing Him to Fall 29.91 Feet to His Death Construction Roofer Fall 2014 3/9/2015
14KY022 Foreman Falls into Running Auger after Stepping on Door Panel with Broken Door Interlocks Construction Foreman Machine 2013 2/11/2015
13KY010 Two Masons Electrocuted after Contact with an Overhead Power Line Construction Mason Electrocution 2014 2/11/2015
13KY061 Laborer Falls 50 to 75 Feet to the Ground While Spray Painting Grain Bins Construction Painter Fall 2013 11/11/2014
14KY002 Construction Flagger Struck and Killed in Two-Lane Highway Work Zone Construction Flagger MVC 2014 5/23/2014
14KY008 Hispanic Laborer Killed when Struck by Falling Plywood on a Commercial Construction Site Construction Laborer Struck by 2014 4/25/2014
13KY042 Metal Fabrication and Finishing Foreman Dies after 25 Foot Fall at a Commercial Building Site Construction Foreman Fall 2013 2/10/2014
13KY059 Roofer Dies After Gust of Wind Knocks Him And A Co-Worker Off Roof Construction Roofer Fall 2013 2/1/2014
10KY043 Revised Steel Worker Falls from Highway Bridge and Dies Construction Iron and Steel worker Fall 2010 11/29/2011
09KY034 Immigrant Granite Installer Killed After Falling with Homemade Construction Box Construction Granite installer Fall 2009 11/24/2009
08KY007 Roofing Foreman Dies from Telescopic Boom Lift Fall Construction Roofing foreman Fall 2008 10/31/2008
07KY071 A 53-Year-Old Male Iron Foreman Dies After Fall From Steel Decking Construction Foreman Fall 2007 9/8/2008
07KY008 Hispanic Carpenter Dies After Falling From Homemade Platform Construction Carpenter Fall 2007 1/22/2008
04KY011 Cleaner Falls 35 Feet to his Death Throught Temporary Roof Opening Construction Construction worker Fall 2004 9/12/2005
03KY107 Construction Laborer Dies When Trench Walls Collapse Construction Laborer Suffocation 2003 11/5/2004
03KY115 License Electrician Dies When Electrocuted with 480 Volts Construction Electrician Electrocution 2003 10/22/2004
03KY072 Master Plumber Dies When Trench Collapses Construction Pipelayer Suffocation 2003 5/27/2004
03KY097 Roofing Laborer Dies After 60-Foot Fall Construction Roofer Fall 2003 5/27/2004
03KY030 Highway Construction Worker Dies When Struck by Tractor Trailer Construction Highway construction laborer MVC 2003 3/4/2004
03KY017 Hispanic Laborer Dies from Fall off Roof Construction Roofer Fall 2003 10/21/2003
03KY073 Bulldozer Owner/Operator Drown While Trying to Repair a Pond Construction Bulldozer operator Drowning 2003 7/31/2003
03KY053 Construction Laborer Dies of Heat Stroke Construction Laborer Other 2003 6/24/2003
03KY049 Bulldozer Owner/Operator Dies When Thrown Off Bulldozer Track Construction Bulldozer operator Machine 2003 6/19/2003
02KY106 21 Year-old Male Dies when Struck in the Head with a Track Hoe Bucker Construction Laborer Struck by 2002 6/17/2003
02KY127 41 Year-Old Male Dies after Being Struck in the Head with an Auger Construction Pipelayer Struck by 2002 6/17/2003
02KY108 Hispanic Worker Dies Due to Trench Cave-In Construction Laborer Suffocation 2002 3/11/2003
02KY041 Two Laborers Die From a Scaffolding Fall Inside a Water Tank Construction Painter Fall 2002 3/11/2003
02KY074 Asphalt Compactor Operator Dies When Machine Slides and Falls 17 Feet Construction Paving equipment operator Machine 2002 10/22/2002
01KY046 Brick Mason Dies From Fall through Scaffolding Construction Brick mason Fall 2001 6/26/2002
00KY096 Construction Worker Dies After Being Struck by a Falling Excavator Bucket Construction Laborer Machine 2001 5/22/2002
98KY116 Road Construction Worker Killed in Tractor Overturn Construction Laborer Machine 1998 2/4/1999
97KY022 Migrant Worker Killed in 22 Foot Fall Inside Building Construction Laborer Fall 1997 5/24/1998
98KY014 Electrician Dies in 6-foot Fall from Ladder Construction Electrician Fall 1998 4/7/1998
97KY111 Construction Worker Dies in 7-Foot Fall Construction Laborer Fall 1997 1/16/1998
97KY071 Professional Roofer Dies in Fall Construction Roofer Fall 1997 11/6/1997
96KY093 Welder Dies after 30-foot Fall from Steel Structure Construction Welder Fall 1996 12/6/1996
95KY068 Welder Crushed by Unmanned Pipelayer Construction Welder Struck by 1995 10/16/1995
94KY051 Demolition Foreman Dies After 35 Foot Fall Through Hole in Flat Roof Construction Demolition foreman Fall 1994 6/8/1994