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Investigation Reports - Construction

Report No.
Industry Occupation Cause Incident Year Released
15KY078 Commercial Roofer Falls 30 Feet Through a Skylight While Installing Roof Insulation Construction Roofer Fall 2015 06/19/2017
16KY017 Construction Laborer Killed in Trench Collapse While Taking Grade Measurements Construction Laborer Suffocation 2016 1/11/2016
15KY031 19-Year-Old Construction Laborer Crushed in Trench Collapse While Laying Sewage Pipe Construction Laborer Suffocation 2015 5/31/2016
15KY032 Construction Siding Subcontract Installer Killed when Oversized Scaffolding Platform Destabilized and Telescopic Forklift Overturned Construction Siding subcontractor Machine 2015 4/25/2016
14KY039 Electrician Helper Steps into Unguarded Elevator Shaft and Dies Construction Electrician Fall 2014 11/28/2015
14KY030 Hispanic Roofer’s Fall Protection Failed Causing Him to Fall 29.91 Feet to His Death Construction Roofer Fall 2014 3/9/2015
14KY022 Foreman Falls into Running Auger after Stepping on Door Panel with Broken Door Interlocks Construction Foreman Machine 2013 2/11/2015
13KY010 Two Masons Electrocuted after Contact with an Overhead Power Line Construction Mason Electrocution 2014 2/11/2015
13KY061 Laborer Falls 50 to 75 Feet to the Ground While Spray Painting Grain Bins Construction Painter Fall 2013 11/11/2014
14KY002 Construction Flagger Struck and Killed in Two-Lane Highway Work Zone Construction Flagger MVC 2014 5/23/2014
14KY008 Hispanic Laborer Killed when Struck by Falling Plywood on a Commercial Construction Site Construction Laborer Struck by 2014 4/25/2014
13KY042 Metal Fabrication and Finishing Foreman Dies after 25 Foot Fall at a Commercial Building Site Construction Foreman Fall 2013 2/10/2014
13KY059 Roofer Dies After Gust of Wind Knocks Him And A Co-Worker Off Roof Construction Roofer Fall 2013 2/1/2014
10KY043 Revised Steel Worker Falls from Highway Bridge and Dies Construction Iron and Steel worker Fall 2010 11/29/2011
09KY034 Immigrant Granite Installer Killed After Falling with Homemade Construction Box Construction Granite installer Fall 2009 11/24/2009
08KY007 Roofing Foreman Dies from Telescopic Boom Lift Fall Construction Roofing foreman Fall 2008 10/31/2008
07KY071 A 53-Year-Old Male Iron Foreman Dies After Fall From Steel Decking Construction Foreman Fall 2007 9/8/2008
07KY008 Hispanic Carpenter Dies After Falling From Homemade Platform Construction Carpenter Fall 2007 1/22/2008
04KY011 Cleaner Falls 35 Feet to his Death Throught Temporary Roof Opening Construction Construction worker Fall 2004 9/12/2005
03KY107 Construction Laborer Dies When Trench Walls Collapse Construction Laborer Suffocation 2003 11/5/2004
03KY115 License Electrician Dies When Electrocuted with 480 Volts Construction Electrician Electrocution 2003 10/22/2004
03KY072 Master Plumber Dies When Trench Collapses Construction Pipelayer Suffocation 2003 5/27/2004
03KY097 Roofing Laborer Dies After 60-Foot Fall Construction Roofer Fall 2003 5/27/2004
03KY030 Highway Construction Worker Dies When Struck by Tractor Trailer Construction Highway construction laborer MVC 2003 3/4/2004
03KY017 Hispanic Laborer Dies from Fall off Roof Construction Roofer Fall 2003 10/21/2003
03KY073 Bulldozer Owner/Operator Drown While Trying to Repair a Pond Construction Bulldozer operator Drowning 2003 7/31/2003
03KY053 Construction Laborer Dies of Heat Stroke Construction Laborer Other 2003 6/24/2003
03KY049 Bulldozer Owner/Operator Dies When Thrown Off Bulldozer Track Construction Bulldozer operator Machine 2003 6/19/2003
02KY106 21 Year-old Male Dies when Struck in the Head with a Track Hoe Bucker Construction Laborer Struck by 2002 6/17/2003
02KY127 41 Year-Old Male Dies after Being Struck in the Head with an Auger Construction Pipelayer Struck by 2002 6/17/2003
02KY108 Hispanic Worker Dies Due to Trench Cave-In Construction Laborer Suffocation 2002 3/11/2003
02KY041 Two Laborers Die From a Scaffolding Fall Inside a Water Tank Construction Painter Fall 2002 3/11/2003
02KY074 Asphalt Compactor Operator Dies When Machine Slides and Falls 17 Feet Construction Paving equipment operator Machine 2002 10/22/2002
01KY046 Brick Mason Dies From Fall through Scaffolding Construction Brick mason Fall 2001 6/26/2002
00KY096 Construction Worker Dies After Being Struck by a Falling Excavator Bucket Construction Laborer Machine 2001 5/22/2002
98KY116 Road Construction Worker Killed in Tractor Overturn Construction Laborer Machine 1998 2/4/1999
97KY022 Migrant Worker Killed in 22 Foot Fall Inside Building Construction Laborer Fall 1997 5/24/1998
98KY014 Electrician Dies in 6-foot Fall from Ladder Construction Electrician Fall 1998 4/7/1998
97KY111 Construction Worker Dies in 7-Foot Fall Construction Laborer Fall 1997 1/16/1998
97KY071 Professional Roofer Dies in Fall Construction Roofer Fall 1997 11/6/1997
96KY093 Welder Dies after 30-foot Fall from Steel Structure Construction Welder Fall 1996 12/6/1996
95KY068 Welder Crushed by Unmanned Pipelayer Construction Welder Struck by 1995 10/16/1995
94KY051 Demolition Foreman Dies After 35 Foot Fall Through Hole in Flat Roof Construction Demolition foreman Fall 1994 6/8/1994