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Drug Overdose Technical Assistance Core (DOTAC)

The Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center (KIPRC), with support from CDC Prevention for States funding, launched the Drug Overdose Technical Assistance Core (DOTAC) to support local health departments, community coalitions, and state and local agencies in their efforts to address substance misuse, abuse, and overdose. DOTAC’s goal is to support and enhance local agencies’ and community organizations' access to timely local data and analytical results on controlled substance prescribing, drug related morbidity and mortality trends.

DOTAC Data and Analytical Services

DOTAC responds to requests for timely state and local data, analytical services, and technical assistance on interpretation and use of the data in, for example, state or local drug overdose prevention, identification of problem controlled substances and populations at higher risk for overdose, strategic planning, community engagement, resource allocation, grant applications, education, training, and program and policy evaluations.

DOTAC will maintain, analyze, and expand the drug-related health outcome data repository that currently includes statewide datasets on emergency department visits, inpatient hospitalizations, death certificates, prescription drug monitoring program records, trauma registry, workers compensation claims, and others.

DOTAC Community Services

  • Development and delivery of presentations on local data and trends for community meetings, harm reduction programs, heroin task forces, etc.

  • Training for epidemiologists and local data analysts on available data sources and appropriate methodology to address drug-related public health issues

  • Identification of evidence-based, data-driven approaches to specific drug overdose prevention issues

  • Recruitment and engagement of community stakeholders

  • Translation of research into community use of best practices