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KIPRC Current Projects




Project Manager

State Injury Prevention

Statewide injury prevention outreach, surveillance,  and research

Ky. Dept. for
Public Health (KDPH)

Julia F. Costich, J.D., Ph.D.

Integrated Core Injury Prevention Program

Expanded surveillance of fatal and non-fatal injuries

Centers for Disease Control/KDPH

Michael Singleton, M.S.

Crash Outcomes Data
Evaluation System

Links multiple data sources for motor vehicle crash surveillance and analysis

National Highway Traffic Safety Admin.

Michael Singleton, M.S.

Neurotrauma Registry

Links and analyzes data from multiple sources on traumatic and acquired brain injury as well as spinal cord injury

Cabinet for Health & Family Services

Michael Singleton, M.S.

Prevention of Fire-Related Injuries

Provides fire prevention training and smoke detectors in partnership with local fire departments

Ky. Dept. for Public Health

Robert McCool, M.S.

Kentucky Trauma

Compiles and analyzes patient data from verified trauma centers and other sources

HRSA/Ky. Board of Emerg. Med. Services

Julia F. Costich, J.D., Ph.D.

Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation

Surveillance of occupational fatalities and  field investigations for targeted causes

National Institute on Occupational Safety and Health/KDPH

Terry L. Bunn, Ph.D.

Non-Fatal Occupational Injury Surveillance Program; Benzene Exposure Research

Performs occupational injury and illness surveillance in NIOSH-specified and state priority areas; related small grant explores benzene exposure in farmworkers


Terry L. Bunn, Ph.D.

Pediatric and Adolescent Injury Prevention Program

Pediatric injury surveillance and research; focus on child passenger safety, child fatality review, playground and safety, child abuse, children with special health care needs, consumer product safety

KDPH; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; SAFE KIDS/USFA

Susan Pollack, M.D.

National Violent Death Reporting System and Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Syndrome Project

Develops statewide systems and records Kentucky violent death data for analysis and integration with national database; related project investigates sudden unexplained infant deaths

Centers for Disease Control/KDPH

Sabrina Walsh, M.P.H.

Drug Endangered Child Training Network

Increase community and professional awareness of the impact of adult drug involvement on children

Appalachian Region Commission

Mark Schneider, M.C.P.