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Revised June 2004

 These steps are not necessarily sequential; some might occur in parallel and there might be some re-cycling of these steps. 

  1. Get an idea.

  1. Check out your idea with colleagues (through conversations, email, list serve, website).

  1. Discuss your idea and its relation to KAN’s mission with a core KAN faculty member:


    Kevin Pearce, MD, MPH
    (859) 323-5938
    Steve Fleming, PhD
    (859) 257-5678 ext 82229
    Sam Matheny, MD, MPH
    (859) 323-6417
    Richard Haddy, MD
    (502) 852-1250


  1. Work with a small group of colleagues, including at least one primary care clinician, to flesh out the idea, and delineate how the study might be conducted.  This process would include a survey of the literature and
    production of a two to three page “Concept Paper.” 

  1. Have the KAN General Advisory Council (GAC) review the concept paper and provide feedback. 
    Routine GAC reviews occur quarterly.

  1. Submit the proposal to the IRB, receive and incorporate their feedback.

  1. With help of the GAC get the study in line (priority) for implementation










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