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College of Health Sciences

Meet the Student Ambassadors


CHS Ambassadors for 2013-14 academic year include: 

Front row:  (Left to right) Alysha Lewis, Kent Llanora, Lauren Estepp, Sharayah Jung, and Lauren Knasel. Back row:  Sarah Dunn, Samantha Dunn, Taylor Koncelik, Lindsay Kroes, and Megan Jordan. Not pictured:  Drew McCool-Solis, Steven Hunt, Emily Ralenkotter, Dominique Wade, Allie Stumbo, Haley Weber, Amanda Miller, and Sarah Langford.

SDSamantha Dunn

Major and Year: CSD Junior
Hometown: Mason, Oh
Why I chose CHS? I fell in love with Speech Pathology during my freshman year at UK!
Fun Fact: I have been a vegetarian for 6 years.




SarahDSarah Curry Dunn

Major and Year: PA Class of 2015
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Why I chose CHS? Professor Deshana Collett is an inspirational PA and the reason I wanted to be a part of the UKPA program. It is a program focused on patient-centered care, interprofessionalism, and evidence-based medicine, which are some of the most important aspects of modern healthcare. As a UKPA graduate I will be prepared to give my patients the best possible outcomes in their times of need.
Fun Fact: I grew up as a ballerina and have a passion for the arts, which I love to incorporate into science whenever possible! Listening to music and dancing are therapeutic techniques that can work wonders for sick patients! 

LELauren Estepp

Major and Year: CSD Junior
Hometown: Paintsville, KY
Why I chose CHS? I love that CHS is so welcoming and family-like!
Fun Fact: I love dogs!





SHSteven Hunt

Major and Year: PA, 1st Year
Hometown: South Shore, KY
Why I chose CHS? I like the flexibility of the PA profession.
Fun Fact: I can name which golden girl episode it is in 10 seconds before a character says their first line.



MJMegan Jordan

Major and Year: CSD, Senior
Hometown: Union, KY
Why I chose CHS? I knew I wanted to be a speech pathologist.
Fun Fact: I traveled to Spain in high school.




SJSharayah Jung

Major and Year: DPT, 1st Year
Hometown: Corbin, KY
Why I chose CHS? UK is known in the PT world for its excellence and professionalism. I knew I wanted to go to UK even before I found out that they were one of the least expensive PT schools I could attend. Everything I expected from the program has proven to be true, and I love it here.
Fun Fact: Last summer my family decided to paint our big red GMC van hippy-style and drive from Kentucky to San Diego and back.

LKLauren Knasel

Major and Year: HHS, Sophomore
Why I chose CHS? CHS has welcomed me and made me feel like I belonged here. They have created so many opportunities for me to succeed. I am receiving an amazing education in which I will be prepared for my future career in healthcare.
Fun Fact: I was a dancer for 14 years.



TKTaylor Koncelik

Major: CSD
Hometown: Batavia, IL
Why I chose CHS? I have always loved learning about health related fields of study, and I knew I wanted to have a career in the medical setting ever since the first episode of watching scrubs! CHS is the perfect place for that!
Fun Fact: Spider-Man is my favorite superhero!


LKLindsay Kroes

Major and Year: CSD, Junior
Hometown: Nicholasville, KY
Why I chose CHS? Family-like atmosphere
Fun Fact: NFL owner of the Green Bay Packers




Sarah Langford

Major and Year: MLS, Sophomore
Hometown: Pinckney, MI
Why I chose CHS? I am a premedical student and I want to stand out in Medical School applications with a unique degree.
Fun Fact: I ride horses competitively!

ALAlysha Lewis

Major and Year: DPT, 1st Year
Hometown: Radcliff, KY
Why I chose CHS? I want to work with children as a pediatric physical therapist in Kentucky.
Fun Fact: I am a middle child.




Kent Phillip Llanora

Major and Year: HHS, Sophomore
Hometown: Hazard, KY
Why I chose CHS? The HHS program was brand new and it appealed to me very much. Plus I know I want to work with people in a medical setting for a living.
Fun Fact: I can do a human flag pole.

Drew McCool-Solis

Major and Year: DPT, 1st Year
Hometown: Goodyear, Az
Why I chose CHS? UK's physical therapy school is one of the best in the country. After going to a small school for my undergraduate studies, I learned that having the name and prestige of a major university is a great asset when looking for a job.
Fun Fact: I grew up all over the country. I was born in Orange, CA and have lived in Colorado, Texas, Virginia, Arizona, Indiana, and now Kentucky. My father was in the Air Force and I plan on doing the same as a physical therapist.

Amanda Miller

Major and Year: MLS, Junior
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Why I chose CHS? Medical lab science program.
Fun Fact: I've been dancing for 18 years and am a members of UK's dance ensemble.

EREmily Ralenkotter

Major and Year: CSD, Senior
Hometown: Hebron, KY
Why I chose CHS? I wanted to pursue an exciting, dynamic career in health care and my program ended up being the perfect fit for me. I love how the class size is small and the professors challenge you but are so incredibly helpful and personable at the same time. It has been the perfect environment for preparing my for my professional program in the near future.
Fun Fact: I had an article published in The Kentucky Kernel my freshman year!

Allie Stumbo

Major and Year: HHS, Sophomore
Hometown: Corbin, KY
Why I chose CHS? During my visit to UK, one of the speakers at an interest session talked about the Human Health Sciences major. He told me how it was a perfect option because it was a brand new major and would put me on track for PT school in the future.
Fun Fact: I tore my ACL, MCL, PCL, meniscus, and fractured my femur and tibia all at the same tiem during basketball practice my senior year.

Dominique Wade

Major and Year: HHS/Pre-PA, Sophomore
Hometown: Fort Thomas, KY
Why I chose CHS? The College offered me a unique undergrad program, Human Health Science, that was unlike any other major at the university that I was interested in. CHS seemed like it would set me up to succeed in my future goals.
Fun Fact: My grandmother is from Japan and I have many cousins that live in Japan.

Haley Weber

Major and Year: CSD, Senior
Hometown: Mayfield, KY
Why I chose CHS? I want to improve the health of others.
Fun Fact: I was a valedictorian of my high school.




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