Rebecca L. Hancock, M.Ed., CCC-SLP

Speech Pathologist

Voice and Swallow Clinic



Rebecca received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting with a secondary emphasis in performance voice (opera and musical theatre) from Florida State University in 2003. She earned a Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Georgia in 2008. She completed her clinical fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Voice and Swallowing Clinics with an emphasis in voice and upper airway disorders in 2009.

Rebecca also has experience in training both classical and contemporary singing styles as well as voice production for actors including elements from the Linklater and Feldenkrais Techniques. She has performed and studied both in the United States and Europe. She maintains affiliation with the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) and the National Association for Teachers of Singing (NATS).

Educational Focus

Rebecca’s academic focus involves clinical supervision of graduate students in the department of Communication Sciences and Disorders with an interest in voice, swallowing and upper airway pathology. Additionally she is pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Kentucky.

Scholarly Interests

Contribution to translational research in voice and airway disorders. Additionally she works with database formation for pediatric voice, swallowing and resonance disorders.

Clinical Focus

Provides assessment and management of voice, swallowing, airway and resonance disease. This includes pediatric and adult head and neck cancer, vocal cord dysfunction, speech complications after management of craniofacial disease, as well as swallowing assessment and rehabilitation. Further interests clinically include airway disease and management of the laryngectomized voice and airway, long term care of tracheostomized patients and chronic cough. She is a certified LSVT- Lee Silverman Voice Treatment and carries additional specialty practice in neurogenic disease.


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Rebecca L. Hancock, M.Ed., CCC-SLP
Speech Pathologist
Voice and Swallow Clinic

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