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                                Student Testimonials


Honglu Liu, on working in Dr. Peterson's Lab Department of Rehabilitation Sciences



Honglu's project is focused on understanding the regulation of muscle size and fiber type.  He participates in immunohistochemical analyses of frozen muscle sections, and in microscopic image analysis and quantification of various properties of muscle.

What (or who) inspired you to pursue hands-on research experience?

When I took physiology class last semester, I found the muscle physiology portion to be extremely interesting. I wanted to learn more about muscle about it so I asked my professor, Dr. Michael Reid, on other classes or perhaps research opportunities for my interest. He told me the labs here were great. He was absolutely right. 

What do you enjoy most about your time in lab or in research in general?

I have really enjoyed learning about the processes involved in muscle research. For instance, I have found it really interesting to see and perform the process of staining muscles for fiber typing or identifying other muscle components. I have learned a lot about lab techniques as well. The people in this lab are wonderful too--they are all extremely helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and very willing to answer questions.

Describe what a day might look like in lab?

It varies from day to day, and is another reason I enjoy being here. Sometimes, I'll be working on staining slides. Other times, I'll be taking pictures on the microscope. Other days, I'll be quantifying muscle fibers on the computer. 

At what point in your education did you realize this might be an opportunity for you?

When I took Physiology 206, my interest in muscle physiology drove me to think that perhaps there was opportunity to learn more. I feel that I've certainly learned a lot during my short time here.