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MS in Radiological Medical Physics


Course Name Hrs
PHY 402G Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements 3
RAS 472G Interaction of Radiation with Matter 3
RAS 545 Radiation Hazards & Protection 3
RAS 546 General Medical Radiological Physics 3
RM 601 Advanced Radiation Dosimetry 2
RAS 647 Physics of Diagnostic Imaging I 3
RAS 648 Physics of Diagnostic Imaging II 3
RM 649 Physics of Radiation Therapy 3
RAS 651 Advanced Laboratory in Diagnostic Imaging Physics 2
RM 695 Research in the Health-Related Radiation Sciences 2
RM 710 Radiation Science Seminar 1
RM 740 Mammalian Radiation Biology 2


Course Name Hrs
RM 650 Brachytherapy Physics 2
RM 660 Graduate Practicum Radiation Medicine 6

Rotations: Introductions to Clinic, Machine Quality Assurance, Patient-Specific QA, Treatment Planning, and Brachytherapy.

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Out-of-State Tuition Assisitance

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