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Vitamin water - nutritious or not?

Story by Chris Dietz of WTVQ Channel 36

LEXINGTON, Ky. (June 12, 2008) − Drinks like Vitamin Water, Life Water and others are popular with consumers who enjoy the taste and the extra nutrients.  But University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Geza Bruckner says, “The added vitamins is pretty much gimmicky stuff and doesn’t really provide you with much.  Take a multi-vitamin everyday and you will be a head of the game.”  A look at the label of any of these drinks shows they are healthier than regular soft drinks but Dr. Bruckner says, “They have too much sugar.”  Bruckner adds many also use the same sugar found in soft drinks, “the base sugar is crystallized fructose coming from fructose corn syrup.”  The same sugar often blamed for contributing to the obesity problem in the United States.

 A 20 ounce bottle of Vitamin water contains nearly 30 grams of sugar; a 32 ounce bottle has 52 grams; still less than a 20 ounce Mountain Dew which packs more than 77 grams in a single bottle.  Gloria Purcell and her daughter tell Action News 36 they often drink vitamin enriched drinks.  Even when we physically showed her the amount of sugar in a 32 oz. Vitamin water Purcell said, “If you weigh the difference between soft drinks and Vitamin Water…as a parent I still prefer Vitamin Water over soft drinks.”  Bruckner tells Action News 36, vitamin enhanced drinks will hydrate you as effectively as water.  He adds those with a small amount of sugar actually aid in absorbing water. 



The University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences consists of nine programs: Athletic Training; Communication Sciences and Disorders; Physical Therapy; Rehabilitation Sciences PhD Program; Clinical and Reproductive Sciences; Clinical Nutrition; Physician Assistant Studies; Radiation Sciences; and Clinical Leadership and Management.


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