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Physician Assistant Service Trip to Mexico

Steve Fisher

"Keeping contact with the program as an alumnus and having opportunities to influence future PAs and contribute to the needs of the program provides a lot of satisfaction. Besides that, it keeps me young and up to date."

-Steve B. Fisher, MHA, PA-C
UK Department of Neurosurgery
Alumnus who accompanied students and faculty on the trip.


Why are trips like this important to our students?

According to Steve, some of the benefits trips such as this offer our students include:

-Students are able to see many more patients in a clinical context before starting clerkships;

-Students gets a cross-cultural experience in medicine that demonstrates differences and similarities in patients regardless of the setting;

-These experiences offer important interfacing with practicing clinicians (in this case including PAs, NPs, and physicians) ; and

-Students, and others who attend, are able to gain the personal satisfaction of a philanthropic adventure .


PA Medical Missions to Mexico Slide Show