Timothy L. Uhl, Ph.D., ATC, PT

Director of Musculoskeletal Laboratory
Professor, Athletic Training

Dr. Uhl has been practicing physical therapy and athletic training since 1985 in various sport medicine settings. Tim received his bachelors in health science from the University of Kentucky in physical therapy. After three years of clinical practice at the Lexington Sports Medicine Center he went on to receive his masters’ degree in kinesiology from the University of Michigan. At Michigan he worked with the athletic programs and at MedSport their sports medicine outpatient center. He served both on the staff and as the director of outpatient physical therapy at the Human Performance and Rehabilitation Centers in Columbus, GA. He completed his doctorate in sports medicine from the University of Virginia in 1998 where he studied shoulder proprioception and is presently a  professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Division of Athletic Training at the University of Kentucky.

Scholarly Interest/Research

Upper extremity musculoskeletal injuries, clinical interventions of rehabilitation protocols for upper and lower extremity, and functional capacity assessment used in musculoskeletal assessment for return to work or sport.

Educational Focus

Musculoskeletal Evaluation and intervention of the upper extremity, Kinesiological Electromyographical Analysis and Applications, Teaching evidence based approach and critical appraisal of rehabilitation research.


Recent Publications


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Tim enjoys his spending his free time with his wife Christine, who is also an ATC. They enjoy all types of sports, both participating and observing; in particular they attempt to play golf when they can.

Timothy L. Uhl, Ph.D.

Timothy L. Uhl, Ph.D., ATC, PT
Director of Musculoskeletal Laboratory
Professor, Athletic Training


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