Patrick O. McKeon


Assistant Professor, Athletic Training

Dr. Patrick McKeon is a NATABOC certified athletic trainer who joined the faculty of the Division of Athletic Training in the summer of 2007. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from Springfield College in Springfield, MA. He completed his Master of Science degree in Sports Health Care from the Arizona School of Health Sciences in Phoenix, AZ (now in Mesa, AZ). Dr. McKeon recently completed his doctorate of philosophy at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. He has held several positions as a clinical athletic trainer including Pearl River High School, Canisius College, and Marist College in New York, as well as Phoenix College and Brophy College Preparatory in Arizona.

Scholarly/Research Interests

Dr. McKeon’s research focuses on sensorimotor alterations associated with lower extremity joint injury, specifically ankle instability. He has identified postural control and gait alterations associated with chronic ankle instability utilizing novel instrumented techniques derived from the dynamical systems theory of motor control. From these studies, he has published articles/abstracts in several journals including the Journal of Athletic Training, Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, Perceptual & Motor Skills, and Somatosensory & Motor Research. Dr. McKeon seeks to develop a greater understanding of the restoration of sensorimotor function associated with musculoskeletal rehabilitation. By combining the laboratory measures with the current athletic training rehabilitation techniques, Dr. McKeon aims to provide insight into effective clinical interventions for the sports medicine clinician to improve patient functional outcomes and enhance prevention strategies for lower extremity injury.

Educational Focus

Dr. McKeon teaches the Scientific Inquiry in Athletic Training 1 (AT 670) and 2 (AT671) as well as Orthopedic Evaluation of Lower Extremity Injuries (AT 695) in the Graduate Athletic Training Program. His educational focus centers on evidence-based medicine concepts. Within these courses, Dr. McKeon strives to instill a strong foundation in concepts related to evidence appraisal, diagnostic accuracy, and risk assessment associated with injury treatment and prevention as it relates to athletic training clinical practice.


Dr. McKeon enjoys spending his free time hiking, bike riding, rock climbing, listening to live music, and seeking out great life experiences with his wife, Dr. Jennifer McKeon, who is also a member of the Athletic Training faculty.  In July of 2007, Jennifer and Patrick married in Skaneateles, New York and honeymooned in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Representative Publications

McKeon PO, Hertel J. Systematic review of postural control and ankle instability, part 1: Can deficits be detected with instrumented testing? Journal of Athletic Training (in press)

McKeon PO, Hertel J. Systematic review of postural control and ankle instability, part 2: Is balance training clinically effective? Journal of Athletic Training (in press)

McKeon PO, Hertel J. Plantar hypoesthesia alters time-to-boundary measures of postural control. Somatosensory and Motor Research (in press)

McKeon PO, Hertel J. The effect of partially diminished plantar cutaneous sensation on postural control. Perceptual and Motor Skills. 2007:104(1);56-66

Medina JM, McKeon PO, Hertel J. Rating the levels of evidence in sports medicine research. Athletic Therapy Today. 2006:11(5);38-41

McKeon PO, Medina JM, Hertel J. The hierarchy of research design in evidence-based medicine. Athletic Therapy Today. 2006:11(4);42-45

McKeon PO, Hertel J. The dynamical-systems approach to studying athletic injury. Athletic Therapy Today. 2006:11(1);31-33

Patrick McKeon

Patrick O. McKeon
Assistant Professor
Athletic Training


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