Jennifer McKeon, PhD, ATC

Faculty, Graduate Athletic Training

Dr. Jennifer McKeon is a NATABOC certified athletic trainer and joined the faculty of the Division of Athletic Training in the summer of 2007. She recently completed a post doctoral research position at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Research Interests

In brief, my line of research is Bridging the Gap between clinicians and the lab. While there is vast research on either end of the clinical-translational spectrum, there is a paucity of evidence that can be directly applied to the clinician. Likewise, improving the way that clinicians document and systematically treat patients is imperative to being able to use information gathered clinically for research.

My professional research goal is to bridge that gap between the laboratory and clinician by generating clinically useful, valid tools for improving patient care, and to help clinicians improve documentation of what they are doing within clinical practice. My primary focus has been on using an epidemiological approach to identify and describe injury problems and generate prognostic indicators of return-to-play. The majority of this research is performed by analyzing previously existing injury surveillance datasets. Through these datasets, I hope to use statistical analyses to develop evidence-based, objective estimates of when an athlete is likely to return-to-play following a given injury.


I have instructed students clinically and didactically, at both the graduate and undergraduate level. For lecture-based classes, I prefer to use an interactive style, encouraging the students to take an active role in their own learning process. Since many of our undergraduate students will go on to become health care providers, it is very important to convey the clinical significance of the information I am presenting. In addition, my goal is to teach students to incorporate evidence-based medicine into clinical practice.

Professional Relationships & Future Research

I am very comfortable working independently on research projects, but I welcome collaborative work with both experienced and new investigators. In particular, I hope to establish research relationships with other faculty members in order to take a multidisciplinary approach on future projects, with an emphasis on research related patient-oriented, clinician-oriented, and biomechanics-oriented outcomes.

Charlotte Peterson, Ph.D.

Jennifer McKeon, PhD, ATC
Faculty, Athletic Training


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