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Ongoing Research Projects

Pharmacist Prescription Drug Safety Survey

Photo of Dr. Zanjani Faika Zanjani, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
J-521 Kentucky Clinic
740 South Limestone
Lexington, Kentucky 40536-0284
Phone: 859-218-0195

Curriculum Vitae

Faika Zanjani is an Assistant Professor in the Graduate Center for Gerontology at the University of Kentucky. Her research encompasses the general topic of health promotion and aging, emphasizing: aging, health behaviors, mental health and substance misuse, and women’s health disparities. Her interested include, examining health disparities in health outcomes as part of health behaviors. In addition, currently she is working on clinical applications of health behaviors with respect to the mismanagement of mental health and substance misuse symptoms among adult and geriatric individuals in the realm of HIV-disease and psychiatric care, and involved in implementing the Mental Healthiness and Aging Initiative, an educational-intervention in select Kentucky communities.