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Photo of Dr. TeasterPamela B. Teaster, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research and Professor
Room 306C, 900 South Limestone
Lexington, Kentucky 40536
Phone: 859-257-1450 x80196

Curriculum Vitae

Pamela B. Teaster is the Associate Dean for Research for the College of Public Health, a Professor and the Director of the Graduate Center for Gerontology. Her current research projects include: exploring linkages between poverty and elder abuse (KY Center for Poverty Research), a prevalence study of nursing home abuse (private donors), A Week in the Life of APS in Kentucky (University of KY and the KY Cabinet for Families and Children), court-focused elder abuse initiatives (The National Institute of Justice) and an evaluation of the public guardianship programs in Florida (FL Department of Elder Affairs). She has recently conducted a national survey of elder and vulnerable adult abuse (National Center on Elder Abuse), public guardianship systems (The Retirement Research Foundation), and the sexual abuse of vulnerable adults in institutions (National Institute on Aging). She serves on the Editorial Board of The Gerontologist, the Journal of Applied Gerontology, and the Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect, of which she is a former editor. She is the President of the National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and is the first president of the Kentucky Guardianship Association. She recently served on the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Social Security and Representative Payees, the American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging, and the Center for Guardianship Certification. She is a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and a recipient of the Rosalie Wolf Award for Research on Elder Abuse. She is the author of over 70 peer-reviewed articles, reports, books, and book chapters.

Representative Publications

Teaster, P.B., Roberto, K.A., Duke, J.O., & Kim, M. (in press). Sexual abuse of older adults: Preliminary findings of cases in Virginia. Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect.

Teaster, P.B., & Roberto, K.A. (in press). When the state takes over a life: The need for guardians of last resort. Journal of Applied Gerontology.

Teaster, P.B., & Roberto, K.A. (2000). Strategies for distance education: Lessons learned from inside and outside the university. Gerontology and Geriatrics Education, 21, 115-130.

Everard, K.M., Teaster, P.B., & Dugan, E. (2000). Advice on surviving your graduate gerontology education and entering the job market. Educational Gerontology, 26, 285-299.

Teaster, P.B., & Blieszner, R. (1999). Promises and pitfalls of the interactive television approach to teaching adult development and aging. Educational Gerontology, 25, 741-752.