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Photo of Dr. Jacobs-Lawson Joy M. Jacobs-Lawson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
J-518 Kentucky Clinic
740 South Limestone
Lexington, Kentucky 40536-0284
Phone: 859-218-0194

Curriculum Vitae

Joy Jacobs-Lawson is an assistant professor in the Graduate Center for Gerontology. Her research interests include cognitive aging and decision making. Much of her research has focused how individuals make real world high risk decisions, such as retirement investment allocations and cancer treatment decisions. Her research has shown that individuals’ goals, knowledge, risk tolerance, personality, and perceptions, as well as input from other individuals impact not only how older adults make decisions but also the quality of those decisions. In addition, she has found that the relationship between these variables and the decision process and outcome varies depending on the age and gender of the decision maker. Her teaching interests include cognitive aging, psychology of aging, decision making, and research methodology.

Representative Publications

Jacobs-Lawson, J. M., Hershey, D. A., & Neukam, K. N. (in press). Gender differences in factors that influence time spent planning for retirement. Journal of Women and Aging.

Jacobs-Lawson, J. M. & Hershey, D. A. (2003). Perceptions of financial stability in retirement: Do Americans really know what to expect? In S. P. Shohov (Ed.), Advances in psychology research (pp.123-136). New York: Nova Science Publishers.

Hershey, D. A., Jacobs-Lawson, J. M. & Walsh, D. (2003). Influences of age and training on script development. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition, 10, 1-19.

Hershey, D. A., Jacobs-Lawson, J. M., & Neukam, K. (2002). Influence of age and gender on workers goals for retirement. International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 55, 163-179.

Jacobs-Lawson, J. M. & Hershey, D. A. (2002). Concept maps as an assessment tool in psychology courses. Teaching of Psychology, 29, 25-29.