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Alumni Directory


Rebecca Dawn Taha

Dissertation Title: “Aging in Conflict Environments: A Case Study of the Occupied Palestinian Territories."


Jennifer Hamrick-King

Dissertation Title: "An Interactive Approach toward Improving Memory and Cognition in Alzheimer's Disease"

Current Position: Vice President of Community Affairs, Nurses Registry and Home Health

Laura Stephenson

Dissertation Title: “Civic Engagement of Elders: Influence of Generativity and Gerotranscendence Throughout the Life Course.”


Janice Kuperstein

Dissertation Title: "Tikkun Olam: A Faith-Based Approach for Assisting Older Adults in Health System Navigation"

Current Position: Associate Professor, Physical Therapy, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences Chair

Corinne Leach

Dissertation Title: "Breast Cancer Belief Development and Screening Across the Life Couse among Older Appalachian Women"

Current Position: Director, Behavioral Research at American Cancer Society


Angela Redwine

Dissertation Title: “Functional Dynamics and Relocation: Change Over Time in Older Intensive Care Unit Patients.”

Dory M. Marken

Dissertation Title: “Beliefs of Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren in their Provision of Nutrition”

Debra Kleesattel

Dissertation Title: “Rural Community-Based Services: Looking Through the Eyes of Older Adults and Service Providers.”

Current Position: Works for Green River Health, 5201 W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 205, Tampa FL 33609

Kara Bottiggi

Dissertation Title: “The Impact of Caregiver Executive Skills on Reports of Patient Functioning.”

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix Arizona

Keith Anderson

Dissertation Title: “Death in the Nursing Home: An Empirical Examination of the Grief Experiences of Certified Nursing Assistants”

Current Position: Assistant Professor in the College of Social Work at The Ohio State University


Susan A. Lawrence

Dissertation Title: “I am a rock, I am an Island: Exploring Depression among Older Men”

Current Position: MSW student, University of Louisville

LaVona S. Traywick

Dissertation Title: “Explanations for Exercise among Heart Attack Survivors”

Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extention

Heidi Ewen

Dissertation Title: “Reconciling Biomedical and Psychosocial Models of Stress in Relocation among Older Women”

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Texas

Amy Hosier

Dissertation Title: “Residential and Disease Trajectories and the Evolving Meaning of Home among Persons with Alzheimer’s”

Current Position: Assistant Professor, York College of Pennsylvania

Travonia Hughes

Dissertation Title: “Examining Diagnosis-Seeking Pathways among African American Caregivers for Family Members with Alzheimer’s Disease”

Current Position: Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Psychology, UK

D. Carol Palmer

Dissertation Title: “The Nature and Extent of Personal, Social, Environmental, and Work Influences on Physical Activity among Women”

Current Position: Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, Eastern KY University 40475

Kim Stansbury

Dissertation Title: “African American Clergy: An Exploration of Pastoral Care to Mentally Distressed Elder Congregants”

Current Position: Assistant Professor, College of Social Work, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA 99004-2442

Collette Strother

Dissertation Title: “Me, My Closet, and I: An Exploration of Clothing to Self, Sense of Community and Well-Being among Older Women in Independent-Living Apartments for Seniors”

Current Position: Project Manager Regional Deep South Export Center on Aging UAB Project Export.

Jennifer Gatz

Dissertation Title: “Weight Management in Post-Menopausal Women: A Mixed-Methods Approach”

Current Position: Postdoctoral Research Scholar University of Kentucky Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science College of Pharmacy

Lisa R. Durham

Dissertation Title: “Oral Health Status of Kentucky’s Homebound Elders”

Current Position: Assistant Professor & Director of Sponsored Projects in the Department of Orthopedics at The Ohio State University Medical Center

Scott Collier

Dissertation Title: “Smiling Behaviors in Persons with Dementia: Positive Affect and Patient Benefit”

Current Position: Research Associate, Edgewood Center for Children and Families Institute for the study of Community Based Services., 101 15th St., San Francisco, CA 94103.


Pam Tyler

Dissertation Title: “The Sound of Silence: Narratives of Life Experience by Older Adults Living with HIV/AIDS”

Current Position: National Outreach Director, Grant Makers in Aging

Keith R. Knapp

Dissertation Title: “Over the River and Through the Woods: The Evolution of Involvement by Primary Family Caregivers in Nursing Facilities”

Current Position: Chief Operating Officer, Christian Care Communities

Karah Nazor-Hill

Dissertation Title: “Characterization of Neurodegeneration in Transgenic Mice Expressing Mutant Prion Proteins”

Current Position: Faculty University of California, San Francisco Institution for Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Maile R. Brown

Dissertation Title: “Brain Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Aging Rodents and the Effect of Calcium Dysregulation in Synaptic Mitochondria”

Current Position: Department of Pharmacology, Yale University

Denise C. Lewis

Dissertation Title: “The Intersection of Filial Piety and Cultural Dissonance: Intergenerational Exchanges among Khmer Families in the United States”

Current Position: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Department of Child and Family Development, College of Family and Consumer Science, UGA.

James Schwar

Dissertation Title: “Global Change, Domestic Policy, and Life Course Influences on Perceptions of Health Equity among Older Cubans”

Current Position: Program Specialist for the city of Albuquerque

Shannon Mathews

Dissertation Title: “Communication Networks and Dynamics in End-of-Life Care of Older Women: A Grounded Theory Approach”

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Gerontology Program, Department of Health Studies, Towson State University, Towson, MD

Elizabeth Hunter

Dissertation Title: “Belonging, Body and Being: Toward a Model of Legacy Transmission”

Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of KY


Janice Paul

Dissertation Title: “A Grounded Theory Approach Examining Nursing Home Use among Blacks: What We Know, What We Thought We Knew and Where We’re Headed”

Current Position: Director of the Care Connection Aging and Disability Resource Center, Houston Department of Health & Human Services.

Janice Plahuta

Dissertation Title: “Co-morbidity and Psychosocial Factors in the Prediction of Metabolic Control and Self-Care Behavior among Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes”

Current Position: Senior Research Associate, Institute for the Future of Aging (AAHSA)


Marian Roman

Dissertation Title: “Exploring the Process of Recovery from Stroke: Pathways and Patterns of Reconstruction”

Current Position: Associate Professor, College of Nursing, University of TN. Knoxville, TN. 37996.

Mia Rosenfeld

Dissertation Title: “Management by Nonchalance: Audiological Care-Seeking among Male Elder Veterans”

Current Position: Senior Research Associate, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37232.


Lisa Curch

Dissertation Title: “The Place of Dietary Practices in the Lives of Older Women”

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, State University of New York, Oneonta

Anne Harrison

Dissertation Title: " The Influence of Pathology, Pain, and Coping on Function among Older Women with Knee Osteoarthritis”

Current Position: Graduate Faculty: UK Graduate Center for Gerontology, UK Rehabilitation Sciences PhD Program. Associate Professor (tenured) Department of Physical Therapy, University of Kentucky

Kevin Lomax

Dissertation Title: “Comparative Pension Policy Outcomes in Social Democratic Nations: The Case of Finland”

Current Position: Special Agent, United States Department of State, Chicago Field Office. (123)

Aileen Wiglesworth

Dissertation Title: “Psychophysiological Stress Reactivity and Alzheimer’s Disease in Postmenopausal Women: The Role of Estrogen as a Potential Modulator”

Current Position: Assistant Clinical Professor, Family Medicine, university of California, Irvine