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Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology

Internal Medicine

Division of
Digestive Diseases
and Nutrition


Clinical Faculty

Terrence Barrett, MD, FACP
Professor and Chief
Clinical: Inflammatory bowel disease
Clinical Research: Inflammatory bowel disease pathogenesis and treatment, mechanisms of inflammation-induced intestinal cancer, intestinal epithelial stem cell biology

Paul Angulo, MD, FACG, AGAF
Section Chief, Hepatology
Clinical: Hepatology

Antonio Bosch, MD
Associate Professor
Clinical: Therapeutic endoscopy and advanced endoscopy
Clinical Research: Outcome studies, endoscopy

Willem J. S. de Villiers, MD, PhD
Director of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program
Clinical:  IBD, celiac disease Clinical Research:  Industry-sponsored IBD drug
trials, Investigator-initiated studies; IBD database and genetic bank
Basic Research:  Animal models of IBD, macrophage, scavenger receptors, NIH-funded

Deborah Flomenhoft, MD
Assistant Professor
Pediatric and Adolescent Gastroenterology

Elizabeth Holt, MD
Assistant Professor

Nicholas Nickl, MD
Fellowship Program Director
Director of Endoscopy

Clinical: Therapeutic endoscopy, EUS, esophageal manometry/pH
Clinical Research: Industry-sponsored:  Endoscopic approaches to GERD

Trushar Patel, MD
Assistant Professor
Clinical: Advanced hepatology and transplant hepatology
Clinical Research:
Viral and autoimmune hepatology and transplant outcomes

Luis R. Peņa, MD
Associate Professor
Clinic Medical Director
Clinical:  Therapeutic endoscopy
Clinical Research:  Outcome studies, capsule endoscopy

Jens Rosenau, MD
Assistant Professor
Medical Director of Liver Transplantation
Clinical:  Viral hepatitis, liver transplantation, liver tumors
Clinical Research:  Viral hepatitis especially in the setting of liver transplantation

Lisbeth Selby, MD
Associate Professor
Clinical:  Motility disorders, IBD
Clinical Research:  IBD, IBS, quality in colonoscopy

Steven Shedlofsky, MD
Clinical:  Hepatology, hepatitis, porphyria, hemochromatosis
Clinical Research:  Hepatitis C in correctional institutions

Prem Thurairajah, MBBS, MCRP, PhD
Assistant Professor
Clinical: Gastroenterology and hepatology, liver transplant team
Clinical Research: Hepatobiliary endoscopy, transplantation, viral hepatitis

Gastroenterology Fellows

  • Rob Brandenburg, DO
  • Benjamin Bryson, MD
  • Brian Cross, MD
  • Tina Dela Cruz, MD
  • Wesam Frandah, MB, BCh
  • Kishore Maganty, MBBS
  • Scott Merkley, MD
  • Njideka Momah, MBBS
  • Gregory Reynolds, MD

Clinical Staff

  • Andrea Gorringe, PA-C
  • Barry Moore, PA-C

Research Staff

  • Sylvia Nicholson
  • Sarah Turner
  • Crystal Walton-Davis, RN

Administrative Staff

  • Susie Bishop, Division Administrator
  • Melissa Patterson
  • Betty Cummings
  • Pam Dennis
  • Madeline Flynn
  • Brandi Waskul

Gastroenterology & Hepatology Links

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