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Family and Community Medicine




Community Preceptors

The Department of Family and Community Medicine (DF&CM) is involved with the training opportunities for students to learn about the discipline of family medicine. We hope to instill in them a sense of being active, life-long learners with particular emphasis directed at caring for the patient in the context of their community, family and society. As a predominately rural state, we greatly depend on our community-based physicians for providing an environment which encourages the student to explore the vast array of what it means to be a family practitioner. We continue to strive to develop family physicians who will be knowledgeable, sensitive, caring, who will regard each patient as an important individual and who will provide the best medical care possible to the citizens of this state.

On behalf of the Department of Family and Community Medicine, we wish to extend our gratitude for your involvement in teaching our students. Please explore this developing section of our website as it is meant to be a resource for you and another way in which you can be connected to us. We welcome your comments and feedback.


Would you like to join UK's Family Medicine Department as a Community-based Preceptor?

  • How do I become a 1st-time Community-based Preceptor?
  • How do I renew my appointment?

How do I become a 1st-time Community-based Preceptor?

  1. Complete the following required forms. Send this form by email or fax to 859-323-6661:
  2. Provide CV via email to Shari Levy or by fax to 859-323-6661.(Sample CV)
  3. Staff will review the application and if accepted you will receive an additional packet by U.S. mail. You will need to complete this additional packet in its entirety and return it to the DF&CM in order to move your appointment forward to completion.

    The estimated timeframe for the entire application/review process (from start to finish) is about six months. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Shari Levy.

How do I renew my appointment?

  • When your appointment time expires (usually every 3-years), you will automatically receive the renewal forms which must be completed, signed and returned immediately. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Shari Levy.


Student Evaluation Forms: If you recently had a student in your practice and you are ready to submit an evaluation on their clinical performance, please click here to access the New Innovations website. In order to access the New Innovations, you must have an user ID and password. To obtain a user ID and password, please contact Ms. Shari Levy (phone: 859-257-2826 or email If you have any questions or if you have forgotten your password, please contact Ms. Levy. If you do not have internet access or if you experience problems completing the online/interactive clinical evaluation form, a hard copy of the evaluative forms can be sent to you. Contact Ms. Levy for a paper-based evaluation form.

Feedback from Students Evaluations: If you are interested in receiving feedback provided by our students from their time, then please contact Ms. Shari Levy at 859-257-2826 or While we encourage our students to complete forms allowing them to provide us feedback on their experiences, completing an evaluation form is still on a voluntary basis.


Various national organizations offer teaching awards to physicians involved in educating students. If you are applying for any of these awards and wish to receive copies of student feedback, please contact Ms. Shari Levy.

A list of applicable organizations that offer recognition to community-based physicians appears below. This list is not inclusive of all available programs. If you know of an award or organization that should be included, please submit to Ms. Shari Levy (email: or fax: 859-323-6661) for consideration.

Pfizer Teacher Development Awards: The purpose of the Pfizer Teacher Development Awards is to honor community-based physicians who give up time from their practice to teach students and/or residents part time. Website:

Development and Benefits


Interested in offering shadowing/mentoring to students?

Please contact Shari Levy at

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
University of Kentucky
Department of Family & Community Medicine
K302 KY Clinic Building
740 South Limestone
Lexington, KY 40536-0284

Phone: (859) 257-2826
Fax: (859) 323-6661


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