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Family and Community Medicine




Family Medicine Interest Group

The Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is an organization that works to increase student awareness of family practice as a career opportunity. The students from FMIG work with the Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians and the Department of Family Practice to sponsor monthly presentations that increase exposure to practicing family physicians, family practice as a specialty, and issues in primary care.

Elections are held every April (that might change). The FMIG group meets every 3rd Monday (except during December/January) and topics are announced in advance to the medical class by email from the student leaders.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to inspire interest and develop understanding of Family Medicine and Primary Care among medical students through advocacy, community service and leadership development. -Adopted by FMIG leaders June 2004

Current Student Leaders:
President: Brittan Sullivan & Elisabeth Chang
Vice Presidents: Jared Shannon & Tianyi Wang
Secretary: Easter Pennington
Treasurer: Jonathan Borders
Community Service: Sarah Schaefer

Faculty Advisor: Dr. King

Program of Excellence (PoE) Awards

What are the PoE Awards?

For five years the AAFP Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) Network has recognized numerous FMIGs with the Program of Excellence Award for their efforts to stimulate student interest in family practice and family practice programming. The Program of Excellence (PoE) Award is awarded to 10 FMIGs that exhibit exemplary efforts in all of the following areas: infrastructure, student involvement/student retention, family practice advocacy, and community outreach/patient advocacy.

In addition, four categorical Awards of Excellence are awarded to FMIGs for individual programming that is exemplary. One award is awarded in each of the following categories: infrastructure, student involvement/student retention, family practice advocacy, and community outreach/patient advocacy.

All PoE and categorical award winners receive recognition at the National Conference of Family Residents and Medical Students, in Kansas City, Missouri. Some recipients may be invited to present selected FMIG program information to FMIG student and faculty leaders attending the National Conference of Family Practice Residents and Medical Students. This award does not provide financial support to attend the National Conference. Winners will also be spotlighted in the FMIG Newsletter, the Exchange, and on Virtual FMIG.

How to apply

Please attach via email your typed-written request for consideration to in the AAFP Resident and Student Activities Department by mid-April (please contact AAFP for exact date). If you choose to mail a hard copy of your application, an electronic file must be submitted as well. Requests for consideration must adhere to the following format and guidelines to be eligible:

  1. The request for consideration narrative must address each of the following four categories of FMIG activities. The overview description for each category should include a concise description of the following:

    • Infrastructure: - How does your FMIG operate? Provide a brief overview of such factors as history of your FMIG, leadership structure, committees, project coordinators, the timing of meetings, elections, representation by each medical school class, role of faculty advisor, communication such as development of a web site or newsletter, interaction with FMIG Network Regional Coordinator, leadership development programming, leader transition, “best practices,” fundraising efforts and FMIG goals and mission statement.
    • Student involvement/ student retention - How does your FMIG actively promote student involvement? Provide a brief overview of such factors as student-initiated programming that is directed at specific medical school classes, creative FMIG and AAFP membership recruitment initiatives, programming to help keep M3s and M4s involved in activities, initiatives to encourage students to seek chapter or national AAFP office, interdisciplinary efforts, percent of students involved in the FMIG, the role of the student membership liaison and specific outcomes of programming efforts, efforts to encourage attendance at the National Conference of Family Practice Residents and Medical Students (i.e. increased participation in annual meeting by 10%).
    • Family practice advocacy - How does your FMIG advocate family practice? Provide a brief overview of such factors as the specific role of the faculty advisor and/or community family physicians in your FMIG, events that allow students to visit with family physicians in a clinical and non-clinical setting, efforts to visit with family practice residents, presentations with perspectives about family practice, residency fairs facilitated by the FMIG, efforts to take students to constituent chapter and national AAFP meetings, clinical skills development, campus or regional campaigns to promote the specialty to medical students and student created publications or websites that educate students about family practice.
    • Community outreach/patient advocacy - How does your FMIG advocate for patients or the community? Provide a brief overview of such factors as programs that utilize the resources of the FMIG, medical students and family physicians to benefit the community. Also include level of participation, challenges, and the benefits to the community.

  2. The request for consideration must include a one page typed description of one of the activities coordinated by your FMIG that best represents your FMIG’s most valuable program over the last year. Please note which of the four categories (infrastructure, student involvement/retention, family practice advocacy or community outreach/patient advocacy) that best describes your program at the top of the page. This information will be used for the selection of the categorical awards. It is important to note that to be eligible for one of the 10 PoE awards, this one page description must be included.
  3. The request for consideration should be accompanied by a one-page letter of recommendation from the FMIG faculty advisor or community family physician that serves as a mentor to the FMIG. The letter should address the activities of the FMIG over the last year and why it should be considered for one of these awards.
  4. The request for consideration should identify one student contact person from the FMIG and include name, medical school, address, telephone and e-mail at the top of first page. In addition, a faculty advisor name and contact information should be listed at the top of page one.

Please direct your comments, questions and request for consideration to:

American Academy of Family Physicians
Resident and Student Activities
C/O FMIG PoE Award
11400 Tomahawk Creek Parkway
Leawood, KS 66211

Request for consideration must be received by mid-April (please contact AAFP for exact date). Requests received after the April deadline will not be considered; therefore, it is important to contact AAFP for the exact deadline date.


Why Family Medicine?

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