Central Appalachian Regional Education and Resource Center (CARERC)


The Central Appalachian Regional Education and Research Center (CARERC) exists to train professionals who are equipped to identify and help resolve threats to our nation’s workforce and reduce the high costs of work-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths (http://niosh-erc.org/).

ERC Trainees Sarah Kim and David Carlson, pictured at the 2013 meeting of the International Society for Agricultural Safety & Health

Our students well represent the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of the five states within our Central Appalachian region (Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia), as well as the varied talents and skills desired by regional employers.

CARERC scholarships are available for master’s and doctoral students in

  • Mining Safety & Health (MS, PhD)
  • Occupational/Environmental Health Nursing (PhD)
  • Occupational Safety (MS)
  • Agricultural Safety & Health (i.e., production agriculture, forestry, commercial fishing and aquaculture) (MPH)

Full-time students are eligible for tuition, stipends, and support for research-related travel and professional and scientific conferences. Part-time students can receive tuition and research-travel support.

Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing students visited the River View underground coal mine with OEHN Director Dr. Deborah Reed, spring 2013

CARERC courses are offered on the campuses of both the University of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University.

Field seminars, site surveys, and research symposia are offered throughout the Central Appalachian region: e.g., mines, manufacturing facilities, and other work sites throughout eastern Kentucky, western North Carolina, east Tennessee, West Virginia, and southwestern Virginia.

Students at UK and EKU may enroll through their respective institutions:
UK College of Public Health - Admissions
EKU College of Safety, Security & Emergency Management