Come see us at the National FFA Expo in Louisville this week!

We will be presenting at the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) on 11/18/15. 

Come by and learn more about how EOP programs can be integrated into ag safety curriculum. Check out the Ag Safety Materials link for more information on Hazard Ridge and VTI.

Ag Safety Materials

Hazard Ridge

Virtual Tractor Inspection

Preventing Injury to At-Risk Teens

and Adult Farmers in Rural Communities

Training in Agricultural Injury Prevention

The EOP Program uses an innovative train-the-teachers strategy to promote safety awareness and the use of low cost injury prevention strategies. The Program operates in a multi-state area at the University of Kentucky, University of Florida, and Mississippi State University in Colleges of Education and Agriculture to train pre-career professionals.

School and Community Programs

The school is at the center of most rural communities. Proven safety intervention models show that reaching at-risk teens and adult farmers where they work and meet is the most effective means of delivering important safety information. The EOP Program uses interactive, online materials to reach at-risk teens where they are each their high school classrooms. The materials are also quite applicable to rural community outreach and training programs.

Instructional Materials: Focus on Costs of Injury

The EOP Program offers teacher-tested materials for beginning or advanced students that have proved effective in educating users about the high cost of injuries and the cost-effectiveness of prevention. Readily incorporated into core curricula content for economics, agricultural economics, and social studies courses, these materials exert a positive impact on risk-taking attitudes and behavioral decision-making.

The EOP Program is funded by the National Institute For Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) Cooperative Agreement NO. 2-U54-OH007547-11