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Internal Medicine - Education

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine


Educational Curriculum


Morning Report

Our morning report highlights the critical decision-making and analysis approaches that are characteristic of Internal Medicine.  Interns and upper-level residents choose thought-provoking cases and provide a framework for the residents in attendance to work through.  We combine both inpatient and ambulatory cases for a broad-based approach. With the guidance of our chief residents and faculty, differential diagnosis, appropriate diagnostic testing and effective management plan design are emphasized throughout these conferences. It is an interactive affair where we discuss pertinent labs, look at radiological studies, photographs, ECG's, etc.  This conference highlights the pinnacle of clinical skills, combining the art and science of medicine. 

On the last Wednesday of each month, we have a joint meeting with the Department of Pathology.  Internal medicine residents present clinical cases and pathology residents review the autopsy of those patients.  Important insight is often gained through joint discussion and viewing of autopsy findings.


Noon Conference

Junior Curriculum (June)

During the month of June, we have a curriculum designed to aid in the transition from intern to second year.  These conferences highlight the essential leadership and teaching skills that residents need as team leaders. 


The Basics (July)

During the last two weeks of July, we review the basics that every resident needs to be effective and efficient.  These discussions focus on fundamental science and practical aspects of being a resident.


Core-Curriculum (Mondays)

Every Monday, the entire residency program meets to discuss core issues in residency training. 

Resident Meeting: We discuss various programmatic and educational issues in a casual atmosphere, so that everyone understands the program’s direction and any resident concerns can be addressed.

Evidence-Based Medicine:  Over the course of the year, we review the classic and landmark journal articles in internal medicine.  As we critically review each article, residents develop the necessary foundation to understand and apply an evidence-based approach to clinical questions. 

Urban Legends: We spend time critically evaluating “urban legends” in medicine - investigating the evidence underlying practice guidelines and recommendations for clinical care.

Business of Medicine: We focus on practical aspects of the business side of medicine including documentation and billing and coding.

Ethics/Morbidity and Mortality: Cases from our resident services are discussed with a focus on alternative management strategies, medical legal issues, and ethical matters. 

Interactive Workshops: This conference is dedicated to acquiring practical, hands-on skills necessary for patient care.


Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is the premier educational endeavor of the Department of Internal Medicine. Nationally-recognized speakers from other institutions as well as notable faculty from the University of Kentucky present state-of-the art or cutting edge translational research or clinical reviews and updates on common Internal Medicine topics. Five Clinical-Pathological cases are presented as unknowns each year. There are also six subspecialty updates each year.


Subspecialty Conferences

Each subspecialty has their own conferences. Residents rotating on the various subspecialties are encouraged to attend these conferences.


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