<< backMembers of the Gill Heart Institute Seminar and Research Day Committee

Dennis Bruemmer, M.D., Ph.D. (Committee Chair) Medicine/Saha Cardiovascular Research Center Dennis.Bruemmer@uky.edu
Lisa Cassis, Ph.D. Molecular and Biomedical Pharmacology lcassis@uky.edu
Darin R. Cecil CVRC Administration drceci0@uky.edu
Alan Daugherty Ph.D., D.Sc. Medicine/Saha Cardiovascular Research Center Alan.Daugherty@uky.edu
Gregory A. Graf, Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences gagraf2@uky.edu
Xiang-An Li, Ph.D. Pediatric Research xli2@uky.edu
Charles Loftin, Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences cdloft2@uky.edu
Abhijit Patwardhan, Ph.D. Center for Biomedical Engineering abhijit@uky.edu
David Randall, Ph.D. Physiology randall@uky.edu
Hainsworth Shin, Ph.D. Center for Biomedical Engineering hyshin2@uky.edu
Susan Smyth, M.D., Ph.D. Medicine/Cardiology susansmyth@uky.edu
Sidney W. Whiteheart, Ph.D. Biochemistry whitehe@uky.edu
Joseph Zwischenberger, M.D. Surgery jzwis2@uky.edu
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