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Fall 2012

Fridays 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.
BPC 234
Please contact the host if you wish to have lunch with or meet the speaker during their time on campus.

Date Speaker Institute Title Host/Sponsor
09/07/12 Daniel Duprez, MD, PhD University of Minnesota "Primetime for Arterial Mechanics in the Cardiovascular Clinic:  Fact or Fiction" Paul Anaya
09/14/12 Frederick H Epstein, PhD University of Virginia "Translational MRI of myocardial function and perfusion: Quantitative techniques applied from mouse to man" Brandon Fornwalt and Susan Smyth
09/21/12 Mark Kleinman, MD University of Kentucky "A New Looking Glass: Bio-imaging in Retinal Vascular Disease" Dennis Bruemmer
9/28/12 No seminar-Southeast Lipid Research Conference
10/05/12 No seminar-Gill Heart Institute Cardiovascular Research Day
10/12/12 Robert Simari, MD Mayo Clinic "Identification, Characterization, and Functionality of Postnatal Vascular Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells" Alan Daugherty
*Special Date* CTW 415
Omar Minai, MD Cleveland Clinic "Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension:  Improving Treatment Outcomes" Paul Anaya
10/19/12 Reto Asmis, PhD University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio "Monocyte Priming: The Redox-Regulation of Monocyte Migration and Macrophage Recruitment" Dennis Bruemmer
BPC 170
Mark Sussman, PhD San Diego State University "By the time you've made it, you've had it: restoring myocardial healing in the aged heart" Jon Satin
11/02/12 Donna Wilcock, PhD University of Kentucky "Cerebrovascular disease co-morbid with Alzheimer's disease: The elephant in the room." Dennis Bruemmer
11/09/12 Mary C.M. Weiser-Evans University of Colorado “Vascular Smooth Muscle: Role in Inflammatory Vascular Remodeling and Vessel Regeneration” Lisa Cassis
11/16/12 Allan Klein, MD Cleveland Clinic "Pericardial Diseases: A New Renaissance using Multimodality Imaging" Paul Anaya
11/23/12 No seminar-Thanksgiving Holiday
11/30/12 Susan Smyth, MD, PhD University of Kentucky "Lysophospholipid signaling in the vasculature" Dennis Bruemmer
12/07/12 Michael Oda, PhD Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute

"HDL function and cardiovascular disease risk: what is the association?"

Xiangan Li
12/14/12 David Maron, MD Vanderbilt University To Cath, or Not to Cath: That is the Question! David Booth
12/21/12 Michael May, PhD University of Pennsylvania "Non-Canonical NF-κB Signaling in Vascular Endothelial Cells: Mechanism and Function" Changcheng Zhou
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