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Fridays 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Department of Medicine Conference Room
J524 - 526
Kentucky Clinic

Date Speaker Institute Title Host/Resp. Unit
09/06 Edward Fisher MD Mount Sinai Remodeling of atherosclerotic plaques: insights from novel mouse models Smart / GHI
09/13 David Herrington, MD Wake Forest Update on use of estrogen for prevention of heart disease McElderry / GHI
09/20 Stephen Szilvassy, PhD UK Homing of transplanted hematopoietic stem cells: new insights, new challenges Smart / PGY
09/27 Jon Satin PhD UK Chronic regulation of the cardiac calcium channel by a novel class of small G-proteins: putative therapeutic targets for diseased hearts? Smart / PGY
10/04 SELRC - no meeting
10/11 Omar Francone PhD Pfizer The role of ABCA1 in HDL formation and atherosclerosis: Insights from knockout mice Daugherty / GHI / Sponsored By: Pfizer
10/18 Lisa Cassis PhD UK Angiotensin II: A Link Between Obesity and Hypertension Post / Pharmacy
10/25 Helmy Siragy, MD UVA Role of AT2 receptors in cardiovascular disease Cassis / Nutri Sci
11/01 Gill Heart Institute Cardiovascular Research day - no meeting
11/08 Dennis Karanos MD UK Diabetes and cardiovascular risk Smart / PGY / Sponsored By: BMS
11/15 George Pantalos PhD U of L Current status of the abiocor totally implantable artificial heart clinical trial Evans / Biomed Eng. / BMS
11/22 Neal Weintraub MD U Iowa Oxidant stress in atherosclerosis and aneurysms Cassis / Nutri Sci
11/29 Thanksgiving - No meeting
12/06 Reto Asmis PhD UK Glutathione and atherosclerosis Daugherty / GHI
12/13 Guy Chisolm PhD Cleveland Clinic Lipoprotein regulation of tissue factor expression Asmis / GHI
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