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Other Seminars/Schedules | Spring 2002 | Fall 2002

Fridays 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Department of Medicine Conference Room
J524 - 526
Kentucky Clinic

Date Speaker Institute Title Host/Resp. Unit
01/18 Thomas Whayne MD PhD UK Aggressive treatment of hypercholesterolemia versus the new NCEP guidelines Daugherty / Cardiology
01/25 Dave Randall PhD UK Effects of spinal cord transection on regulation of cardiovascular function: the ultimate sympathetic dysfunction. Smart / Physiology
02/01 Ginell Post MD PhD UK Differential activation of Ras signaling pathways: Implications for cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure Cassis / Pharmacy
02/08 Brad Keller MD UK Insights from developing embryos on cardiovascular malformations Post / Cardiology
02/15 Abhijit Patwardhan, PhD UK Ventricular fibrillation: activation rates and restitution. Evans/Knapp / Biomed Engineering
02/22 Jay Heinecke MD Washington Uni Oxidative mechanisms for activation of matrix metalloproteinases in atherosclerotic plaque rupture Daugherty / Nutri Sci
03/15 Victor Ferraris, MD UK Surgeon’s perspective on postoperative bleeding Lasley / Surgery / Sponsored By: Kyger
03/22 Patrick Tso PhD UC Lipid Metabolism and Obesity Smart / Nutri Sci
03/29 Eric Smart PhD UK HIV protease inhibitors, macrophage function, and atherosclerosis Daugherty / GHI
04/05 AHA meeting - no seminar
04/12 Brian Olshansky MD Iowa Evaluation and management of syncope Burkhardt / Cardiology
04/19 Andrew Li MD UCSD PPARs and Atherosclerosis Daugherty / GHI
04/26 Bradford Berk, MD U Rochester Vascular Remodeling: Insights from Biochemical and GeneticApproaches Smart / Nutri Sci
05/03 Carole Moncman PhD UK Nebulette’s role in myofibril formation Smart / Physiology
05/10 U of L Evans / GHI
05/17 Momtaz Wassef PhD NHLBI Organizational structure and grant opportunities at NHLBI Daugherty / GHI
05/31 Darryl Dias, MD UK Catheter ablation of pulmonary vein triggers of atrial fibrillation McElderry / Cardiology
06/07 Howard Rockman MD Duke Genetic Modifiers of Heart Failure Post / Pharmacy
06/14 Jayakrishna Ambati, MD UK New frontiers in ocular angiogensis Smart / GHI
06/28 Jainglin Fan, PhD U Tsukuba Transgenic rabbit models for the study of atherosclerosis Daugherty / GHI
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