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Spring 2014

Tuesdays 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
BioPharm 170

For more information contact: Greg Graf, Ph.D. or Jon Satin, Ph.D.

Date Presenter title
1/21/2014 Robin Shoemaker "Activation of Hypoxia−Inducible Factor−2 in Adipocytes Results in Pathological Cardiac Hypertrophy"
1/28/2014 Joseph Layne "Visualization of lipid metabolism in the larval zebrafish intestine reveals a relationship between NPC1L1 mediated cholesterol uptake and dietary fatty acids"
2/4/2014 Frank Davis "Angiotensin II–dependent TGF-β signaling contributes to Loeys-Dietz syndrome vascular pathogenesis" and "Aortic aneurysms in Loeys-Dietz syndrome — a tale of two pathways?"
2/11/2014 Ryan Temel Generation of Gene-Modified Cynomolgus Monkey via Cas9/RNA-Mediated Gene Targeting in One-Cell Embryos
2/18/2014 Shu Liu "Declining NAD+ Induces a Pseudohypoxic State Disrupting Nuclear-Mitochondrial Communication during Aging"

Xiaoxi Liu

"Mfge8 promotes obesity by mediating the uptake of dietary fats and serum fatty acids"
3/4/2014 Heather Norman-Burgdolf "Ablation of PRDM16 and Beige Adipose Causes Metabolic Dysfunction and a Subcutaneous to Visceral Fat Switch"
3/11/2014 Nate Helsley "The Hypercholesterolemia-Risk Gene SORT1 Facilitates PCSK9 Secretion"
3/18/2014 UK Spring Break  
3/25/2014 Brianna Harfmann "Time-Restricted Feeding without Reducing Caloric Intake Prevents Metabolic Diseases in Mice Fed a High-Fat Diet"
4/1/2014 Jing Liu "Abnormal muscle mechanosignaling triggers cardiomyopathy in mice with Marfan syndrome"
4/8/2014 Jianing Li "Depletion of FOXP3+ regulatory T cells promotes hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis"
4/15/2014 Yuhuan Wang "Free cholesterol accumulation in hepatic stellate cells: Mechanism of liver fibrosis aggravation in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in mice"
4/22/2014 Yasir Alsiraj “Aromatase is required for female abdominal aortic aneurysm protection”
4/29/2014 Sonja Pujit


5/6/2014 Sean Thatcher  
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