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4th Friday of each month 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
BBSRB 231 conference room

Date Presenter title citation link
1/25/2013 Susan S. Smyth, MD, PhD    
2/22/2013 Shaojing Ye, PhD The exposure of autoantigens by microparticles underlies the formation of potent inflammatory components: the microparticle-associated immune complexes Ye.PDF
3/22/2013 Paul Mueller    
4/19/2013 Travis Sexton, PhD Platelets activated during myocardial infarction release functional miRNA which can be taken up by endothelial cells and regulate ICAM1 expression PDF
5/24/2013 Smita Joshi The VPS33B-binding protein VPS16B is required in megakaryocyte and platelet a-granule biogenesis PDF
6/28/2013 Summer Vacation Summer Vacation Summer Vacation
7/26/2013 Summer Vacation Summer Vacation Summer Vacation
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