Interdisciplinary Cardiovascular Training Grant Training and Courses (T32HL072743)

Course work includes training in:

Research ethics
        2013-2014 Bio Ethics Seminar Series
        2012-2013 Bio Ethics Seminar Series
        2011-2012 Bio Ethics Seminar Series
        2010-2011 Bio Ethics Seminar Series
Human subjects research

Other mandatory training includes:

Health and Safety, including:
    Hazardous waste on-the-job safety training
    Chemical Waste Management
    Blood Borne Pathogens
    Management and Disposal of Hazardous Materials
    Shipping of Biological Samples (if project requires shipment of samples)

Local Seminars and Clubs
All fellows are expected to attend key seminars and journal clubs.  Fellows are also expected to to meet with hosted seminar speakers.
Cardiovascular Seminar Series
Cardiovascular Journal Club
College of Medicine Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series

Educational Activities
All fellows are expected to present their research at the T32 symposium.  The symposium is moderated by internationally respected experts in their field in which during the course of the same day have opportunities to network.
Gill Heart Institute Cardiovascular Research Day

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