College of Health Sciences

Division of Clinical & Reproductive Sciences

Master of Science in Clinical & Reproductive Science

Program Description

The Master’s degree is a clinically focused curriculum consisting of a minimum of 31 hours of didactic and laboratory work followed by clinical practice in assisted reproductive technology (ART) affiliate laboratories. The Master of Science degree, along with acceptable experience, prepares the graduate for supervisory and advanced technical positions in ART and related fields in research, industry, and marketing. Degree requirements may be completed in one calendar year.

Degree Requirements

Typical Program Schedule

Fall Semester
10-12 credit hours
Course Description Hours
CSC 528 Laboratory Techniques* 2
STA 570 Statistics 4
CSC 615 Reproductive Laboratory Science 1
CSC 616 Andrology 1
CSC 617 Reproductive Microbiology & Immunology 1
CSC 618 Labs in Andrology, Reproductive Microbiology & Immunology 1
CSC 630 RLS Research (includes lecture on Research Methods) 1-5

Spring Semester
12 credit hours
Course Description Hours
CSC 600 Human Pathophysiology 4
CSC 621 Embryology & Assisted Reproductive Technology 3
CSC 624 Gamete & Embryo Cryopreservation 2
CSC 625 Policy, Management, Ethical & Legal Issues in Assisted Reproduction 2
CSC 628 RLS Seminar 1

Summer I Semester
4 credit hours
Course Description Hours
Summer 4-week session (Flow Cytometry)** 3
CSC 630 RLS Research (research project continued) 1

Summer II Semester
5 credit hours
Course Description Hours
CSC 626 Andrology Clinical Practicum 2
CSC 627 Embryology/ART Clinical Practicum 3

*Can be waived for student with CLS degree
**Recommended science course

Clinical & Reproductive Sciences Program
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