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Communication Sciences and Disorders Careers: Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

In keeping with the standards of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), the undergraduate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) is considered a pre-professional degree program for both speech-language pathology (SLP) and audiology. In order to meet Kentucky licensure and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association certification requirements, it is necessary to complete the Master’s degree for SLP certification or the clinical doctorate (AuD) to receive certification in audiology. The Master’s degree is considered the entry-level point for professional speech-language pathologists, while the AuD is needed to become a practicing audiologist.  Undergraduate students intent on majoring in CSD while at UK should plan on 6 years to complete both the Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Science/Arts programs, and 7-8 years to complete the Bachelor of Health Sciences and the AuD in audiology.

Application to the Pre-Professional CSD Program at the University of Kentucky

The CSD undergraduate program at UK has selective admissions. Applicants must have completed a minimum of 42 credit hours at the time of application. The only specific course requirement needed before entering the program is having completed Introductory to Psychology or General Psychology by the conclusion of the previous Fall Semester. Students are admitted to the pre-professional program on a competitive basis. Admission is based on cumulative grade-point average, ACT or SAT scores, three letters of recommendation, relevant personal experiences, and a personal letter of application. All applications will be evaluated during the Spring semester, with newly accepted students beginning the program in the following Fall semester. The application deadline each year is February 1. Please read the CSD Admissions FAQ for important tips and application-related suggestions. The CSD Admissions FAQ has important information with regard to application materials, do's and don'ts, selection procedures used by the faculty for admission, and answers to a whole wide range of common questions posed by students. Please take the time to read through these FAQ's. Please note that successful admission to the University of Kentucky’s undergraduate CSD program does not guarantee nor indicate admission to the CSD graduate program.

To be considered for admission to the undergraduate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders, the student must complete the online application procedure for the CSD program and the admission procedure to the University of Kentucky according to established time lines. If already enrolled on the UK Lexington campus, the student does not have to re-apply for admission to the University, but must complete the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program Application. The online application for CSD should be submitted between January 1 and February 1 during the Spring semester of the applicant’s sophomore year. The deadline for submitting all elements of the CSD program application is February 1.  

Communication Sciences and Disorders Undergraduate Course Work

In order to receive a Bachelor's degree from the University of Kentucky in Communication Sciences and Disorders, a student must complete courses that fulfill the UK CORE requirements ( and all required CSD courses. There are four required program courses that may be taken prior to being admitted to the CSD program at the University of Kentucky. These are:

CSD 277  - Intro. to Communication Sciences and Disorders (Fall only)

CSD 285  - Applied Phonetics (Fall only)

EDS 375 - Intro. To Education of Exceptional Children

One "Related Studies Course" (see related course list below).

Requirements for the Undergraduate Program in CSD


One 3-credit course in the Biological Sciences (Biology)

One 3-credit course in the Physical Sciences (Physics or Chemistry)             

One 3-credit course in Social Sciences

PSY 100 - Intro to Psych (4 cr.) or PSY 110 - Intro to Psych (3 cr.)                             

Any 3-credit Statistics course (such as STA 210)


Fall Semester - Junior Year

CSD 277 - Intro. to CSD  (3 cr.)  - May be taken prior to admission

CSD 285 - Applied Phonetics  (3 cr.)  - May be taken prior to admission

CSD 378 - Anatomy & Phys. of Speech  (3 cr.)               

Spring Semester - Junior Year

CSD 402 - Speech Sciences  (3 cr.)               

CSD 484 - Intro. to Diagnostics  (3 cr.)   

Fall Semester - Senior Year

CSD 420 - Audiology  (3 cr.)

CSD 571 - Neural Bases of Speech  (3 cr.)

CSD 482 - Clinical Management I  (3 cr.)

Spring Semester - Senior Year

CSD 410 - Language Development  (3 cr.)

CSD 483 - Clinical Management II  (3 cr.)

CSD 591 - Aural Rehabilitation  (3 cr.)

CSD 481 - Clinical Experience  (3 cr.)

Any Semester - Junior or Senior Years

EDS 375 - Intro to Ed. of Exp Child.**  (3 cr.) - May be taken prior to admission

EDS 516 - Behavior Management**  (3 cr.)


One 3-credit course in Linguistics – (such as LIN 211, 221 212, 310, 317, 509)


EDP 202 - Human Dev. & Learn.***  (3 cr.)               

EPE 301 - Ed. In Amer. Cult.*** (3 cr.)                           

Oral Comm. (COM 181, 252, etc.) ***  (3 cr.)

Written Comm. (ENG 101, ENG 102) ***   (3 cr.)

*UK CORE Requirements will usually satisfy the ASHA basic sciences standards*. Please see the Director of Undergraduate Studies for exact details and specifics of these major requirements. 

*ASHA Standard III.A. The student must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and the social/behavioral sciences.  Applicants must have transcript credit (can include course work, advanced placement, CLEP, or examination of equivalency in each of these areas).

** Courses required for the CSD Program and for Teacher Certification

***Optional courses for the CSD Program but required for Teacher Certification


Application Info

Online applications to the undergraduate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders are now closed.

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Admissions & Advising

Admission is based on cumulative university grade-point average (GPA), ACT or SAT score, letters of recommendation, relevant personal experiences, and the student's letter of application. Students need a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA and a 21 on the ACT (SAT score of 1500 on new scale) to be considered for admission. Students not meeting these minimum standards will not be considered for program admission.

Please read the CSD Admissions FAQ for important application tips.

For general admissions help, contact the College of Health Sciences Office of Student Affairs. For more specific program questions, please email us

More information can be found through the Office of the Registrar
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