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We provide preventive maintenance, repair, operational testing, new product evaluation, training, and inspection of medical equipment. Records are kept for all equipment under the management program, which includes all work orders, history of repairs, number of failures, and all issues related to the equipment. Clinical Engineering also investigates equipment under the Safe Medical Devices Act or when reportable occurrences are filed.

Our customers are physicians, clinical staff, researchers, patient care technicians, and occasionally another health care facility.

Meet our department:


Mark Armstrong

BMET Manager

Graham Johnson


Art Eversole Steve Watts
Mike Phinney David Moore
Calvin Crum Richard Fahlfeder
Danny Larmour David Stacy
Earl Govert Shon Willis
Larry Lauersdorf Maurice Dixon

IS Tech Support Ast.

Marlene Wireman

Staff Support Associate II

Crystal Scott

Here is a list of equipment that we service:

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, U, V, W

Analyzer, Anesthesia Gas Dispenser, Paraffin Miscellaneous, Non-Electric Shaker, Stirrers (Water Bath)
Analyzer, Blood Gas Ph Dose Calibrator Mixer, Laboratory Sharpener, Microtome Knife
Analyzer, Calcium Dryer, Pasturematic Mixer, Oxygen (Blender) Slit Lamp, Laboratory
Analyzer, Carbon Dioxide Electrocardiograph, Multi-Chan Monitor, Apnea Spectrophotometer, Atomic
Analyzer, Coagulation, Auto. Electroencephalograph Monitor, Blood Gas/On-Line Spectrophotometer, Visible
Analyzer, Glucose Electromyograph Monitor, Bp, Invasive Sphygmomanometer, Aneroid
Analyzer, Hematology, Auto. Electrophoresis Equipment Monitor, Bp, Noninvasive Sphygmomanometer, Electric
Analyzer, Oxygen Electrosurgical Unit Monitor, Carbon Dioxide Sphygmomanometer, Mercury
Analyzer, Pulmonary Function Embosser Monitor, Cardiac Output Spirometer, Diagnostic
Anesthesia/Analgesia Machine Equipment, Traction, Powered Monitor, Display Stainer, Slide, Automatic
Arthroscope System Ergometer, Bicycle Monitor, Fetal Doppler Sterilizer, Scope Washer
Aspirator, Ultrasonic Surgical Exerciser, Measuring (Ergonom) Monitor, Neonatal/Infant Sterilizer, Steam, Table Top
Audiometer Fibrillator Monitor, Oxygen Stimulator, Evoked Potential
Balance, Electronic Flexible, Gas Lines, Columns Monitor, Physiological, Adult Stimulator, Nerve, Periphereal
Balance, Mechanical Freezer, Laboratory Monitor, Stress Excercise Stimulator, Neuromuscular
Bassinet Gamma Knife System Monitor, Transport Stimulator, Ultrasonic (Pt)
Bath, Paraffin Generator, Lesion, Radio Freq. Nebulizer, Heated Stretcher, Wheeled, Mechanical
Bath, Water Heart-Lung Bypass Unit Ophthalmoscope, Ac-Powered Suction Apparatus, Portable/Ac
Bath, Whirlpool Heat Exchanger, Heart-Lung Osmometer System, Central Monitoring
Battery Charger, Defibrillator Heater, Respiratory Oven, Drying System, Chemistry, Automated
Bead Sterilizer/Washer Hemoglobinometer Pacemaker, Cardiac, External System, Dialysate, Peritoneal
Bed, Delivery Hood, Fume Pack Conditioner/Moist Therapy System, Dialysate/Hemodialysis
Bed, Electric Humidifier, Respiratory Gas Percussor System, Esophageal Mortility
Bed, Pediatric (Crib) Hyfrecator Perimeter, Ac-Powered System, Fluoroscopic, Mobile
Block, Heating Hyperthermia System, Automatic Photometer, Flame System, Metabolic Analysis
Blood Flow Detector (Doppler) Hyperthermia System, Manual Pipette, Diluting System, N.O. Delivery
Cabinet, Warming Illuminator, Radiographic Box Plethysmograph System, Ophthalmology Surgical
Calibrator, Lung Imprinter Printer, Video Hardcopy System, Patient Warming
Camera, Gamma (Nuclear) Incubator, Neonatal Processor, X-Ray, Automatic System, Pneumatic
Camera, Microscope/Lab Incubator, Neonatal Transport Pulse Oximeter System, Radio-Immuno Assay
Cart, Biomedical Disaster Incubator/Water Bath Pump, Breast, Powered System, Radiographic, Mobile
Centrifuge, Blood Bank Injector, Angiographic Pump, Extracorporeal Perfusion System, Surgical Navigation
Centrifuge, Cell Washing Instrument Controller Driver Pump, Food (Enteral Feeding) System, Thyroid Uptake
Centrifuge, Floor Insufflator, Laparoscopic Pump, Infusion, Pca System, Video, Clinical/Surg.
Centrifuge, Microhematocrit Laboratory Equipment Pump, Infusion, Syringe Table, Examination/Treatment
Centrifuge, Refrigerated Laser, Argon, Surgical Pump, Infusion/Controller Table, Obstetrical
Centrifuge, Table Top Laser, Surgical Pump, Uro Table, Operating Room
Chamber, Acoustic, Testing Lavage Unit, Surgical Purification System, Water Table, Special Procedures
Chamber, Hyperbaric Lift, Patient Radiographic Unit/Mammographic Telemetry Unit, Physiological
Chromatography, Liquid Light Source, Endoscopic Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Unit Tent, Pediatric Aerosol
Chromatograpy, Gas Light Source, Halogen Recorder, Ecg, Portable Test Equipment, Biomedical
Circulatory Unit/Inter-Aortic Light Source, Metal Halide Recorder, Magnetic Tape/Disc Thermometer, Electronic
Cleaner, Ultrasonic Light Source, Xenon Recorder, Paper Chart Thermometer, Mercury
Colormeter Light, Surgical, Ceiling Recorder, Patient Monitoring Timer, Alarm
Compression Unit/Anti-Embolism Light, Surgical, Floor Refractometer Tonometer
Compressor, Air Light, Warming Refrigerator, Biological Tourniquet, Automatic/Rotating
Computers/Related Equipment Lights, Neonatal, Phototherapy Refrigerator, Blood Bank Transilluminator
Counter, Cell, Automated Linear Accelerator Regulators, Medical Gas Treadmill, Powered
Counter, Radiation(beta/Gamma) Mass Spectrometer Reverse Osmosis Unit Uninterruptible Power Supply
Counter, Scintillation Meter, Jaundice Sampler, Air Unit, Airflow, Laminar
Cryosurgical Unit Meter, Ph Saw, Autopsy Ventilator, Intermittent P. P.
Ct Scanner Microscope, Laboratory Saw, Cast Ventilator, Volume
Defibrillator/Monitor Microscope, Surgical Saw, Electric/Sternum Vibrator, Therapeutic
Densitometer Microtitrator Scale, Infant Warmer, Blood/Plasma/Fluid
Dermabrasor Microtome, Refrigerated Scale, Patient Warmer, Radiant, Infant
Dermatome, Surgical Microtome, Rotary Scanner, Ultrasonic Washer, Labware
Detector, Air Bubble Miscellaneous, Battery Scope, Invasive Procedure Washer, Pasturematic
Device, Biofeedback Miscellaneous, Electric Separator, Blood Cell, Auto. Wheelchair, Manual
Device, Intracranial Pressure      

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