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Anatomy & Neurobiology - Center for Microelectrode Technology





Recent Publications

  1. Chronic second-by-second measures of L-glutamate in the CNS of freely moving rats. Rutherford EC, Pomerleau F, Huettl P, Stromberg I and Gerhardt GA. J Neurochem (in press), Feb. 2007.
  2. Validation studies of the human motor activities panel for Hand/Arm Performance. Smith CD, Walton A, Slevin JT, Gerhardt GA, Umberger G, Smoot K, Schulze E and Gash DM. J Neurosci Meth (in press), 2007.
  3. Bilateral effects of unilateral intrastriatal GDNF on locomotor-excited and nonlocomotor-related striatal neurons in aged F344 rats. Stanford JA, Salvatore MF, Joyce BM, Zhang H, Gash DM and Gerhardt GA. Neurobio Aging 28:156-165, 2007.
  4. Iron accumulation in the striatum predicts aging-related decline in motor function in rhesus monkeys. Cass, WA, Grondin R, Andersen AH, Zhang Z, Hardy PA, Hussey-Andersen LK, Rayens WS, Gerhardt GA and Gash DM. Neurobiology of Aging 28(2):258-71, 2007.
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