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Bluegrass Care Clinic

Department of Infectious Diseases
Bluegrass Care Clinic

Bluegrass Care Clinic

"HIV disease treatment is complex, like spokes of a wheel, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, social workers,
prevention counselors, financial counselors each play an essential role in supporting the patient.
With one spoke missing, a wheel does not function properly. So it is in patient care; all of these
professionals are needed for care to be successful. We are committed to ensuring our patients get the
comprehensive services they need to lead productive lives."
Alice C. Thornton, MD Project Director

Clinic Administration:

Hoven Thornton Collins Amy
Ardis Hoven, MD
Chair, Infectious Disease
  Alice C. Thornton, MD
Project Director
  Jana Collins, MS
Part C/D Program Coordinator
Financial Manager
  Amy Downs, MSW, CSW
Part B Program Coordinator

Support Staff:

Davis   Soon   Morton   tasha
Barbara Davis
Patient Services Coordinator
Consumer Relations Specialist
Volunteer Coordinator
  Katina Morton
Program Assistant

  Latasha Jones
Patient Services Coordinator/Program Assistant

Social Work/Care Coordination Staff:

downs   Ball   Cobb   Edinger
Amy Downs, MSW, CSW
Social Work Supervisor
Care Coordinator
  Karen Ball, MSW
Care Coordinator
  Dawna Cobb, MSW
Care Coordinator
  Mary Edinger, MSW, CSW
Care Coordinator
Soon   Parrish   oconner    
TBA   Robert Parrish, MSW
Care Coordinator
  Lori O'Connor, MSW, CSW
Care Coordinator

Clinical Management Team:

Hoven   Thornton   Murphy   Schaninger
Ardis Hoven, MD
Infectious Disease Physician
  Alice C. Thornton, MD
Infectious Disease Physician
  Brian Murphy, MD
Infectious Disease Physician
  Takako Schaninger, MD
Infectious Disease Physician
Hoellein   Mullen   cary   romanelli
Andrew Hoellein, MD
Primary Care Physician
  Nancy Mullen, MD
Primary Care Provider
  Curtis Cary, MD, FAAP
Primary Care Provider
  Frank Romanelli, PharmD, MPH, BCPS
Pharmacy Services Director
Gilligan   Haas   thein   Soon
Janet Gilligan, MEd, RD, LD, CDE
  Keith Haas, MSW, CSW
Mental Health Therapist
  Thein Myint, MBBS
Infectious Disease Fellow
  Nicole Leedy, MD
Infectious Disease Fellow

Clinical Staff:

heather   julia        
Heather Long, Registrar
Front Desk Staff
  Julia Coleman, Clerk
Medical Records

Interpretation Services:

Angel Tur
Spanish Interpreter

Contract Staff, Volunteers, Interns & Others:

Heather Flynn, RN, CCRP
HIV Research Clinical Trial Coordinator